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Travel Diary: Atomium

By: S. Davis

May; Belgium:

It’s just past noon. We’ve done this dance a few times now as I ride to Antwerp: I don’t want to go back to the United States.

It’s not that I want to remain in Belgium – although I wouldn’t mind, it’s a nice city – I’d just rather avoid the crap I have to slog through in Los Angeles. Whatever…

Let’s get started with the rest of the day…

Now the plan was to get up and get out of the door this morning really early but wine, jokes, music and women made me call an audible last night/early this morning. In just under a week here the weather has finally cooperated. At least during the day. At night I don’t care what elements rear their head but during the day I just need it to be mostly dry. I have to go searching for treasure!

My alarm blared at 9 am although I was awake a good time before that to have a shower. The day was moving about a half-hour later. I think I should’ve gotten out a little earlier as my legs aren’t on the same page as the rest of my body.

Tourists dominate the Atomium and its surrounding park – and it’s obvious why. It’s like a postcard out here today. It’s lush, green and the clouds are looming but the sunlight’s fighting through. Apparently this site is a “must see” in Brussels so I felt obligated to travel too far north of where I needed to be to get a good look for myself. Worth. The. Walk.

The bus seemed like the best option but since this is a holiday weekend – and the schedule is truncated – I like my chances much better with my trusty puma’s. Having the warmth of the sun made the trek worth it. Although I do wish I activated the step tracker on my phone just to get an idea of the distance that I covered. As I take a glance at the time-stamp of photographs I took earlier, I’ve walked an hour and 45 minutes. I cut 20 minutes off the time during my return as I had the benefit of the first trip – and I was starving.


To lighten my backpack I ate a massive breakfast. I didn’t carry much food with me with the exception of an apple, a banana, my water bottle and two granola bars. However that did push back my departure time by 40-50 minutes. I returned to the hostel to eat my Bolognese penne. I placed the pasta inside a large piece of french bread, added some sea salt, pepper, and olive oil – and ate it like a sub.

I’ve got a train to catch to Antwerp…

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