She Came Along…

By: S. Davis

She came along singing the same old song
Oh yeah he broke your heart and yeah he did you wrong
I told you to leave you said you wanted to stay
And now you’re at my door
While I wipe your tears away
You were seriously torn between he and I
I pleaded my case
And yet you waved me goodbye
You felt he was a better match…the missing part of your soul
While I was immature
Partying way too much with too many girls all over the globe
You made a mistake? How dare you say?
Because you spoke with so much convictionWP-CoupleBW
When you pushed me away
Watching you leave was the deepest pain of my life
I never loved a woman so much
That’s why I got on my knees
Hoping to make you my wife
We weren’t ready for that
It was a long shot at best
I was desperate, I used every card that I had in the deck
I want to pull you inside
I want to kiss your lips
I want to open my heart
Let’s book a romantic trip
Anywhere in the world
Treat the globe as your pearl
Allow me to soothe your heart
While I nourish your soul
You have your doubts
You’re gripped with fear
It sounds too good to be true
But, babe, you’re standing here
You picked up the phone
I was soundly asleep
In the midst of a dream
It was you that came to me
And here you stand at my door, I want to invite you in
And here you stand at my door, I want to invite you in



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