OK, America…

By: S. Davis

Several characteristics can be used to describe me: Handsome, funny, great in bed, silly, fair, confident…I mean I could go all night long with the superlatives. (See what I did?) Putting all that on the side, I consider myself intelligent and reasonable above anything else. That’s where my list begins when I honestly view the man in the mirror.


How in the hell am I supposed to reason through the political climate right now? Is this country aware that it’s on the precipice of facing a 50/50 chance of Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office? The United States isn’t a bad reality show – although even that can be debated – and it sure isn’t a beauty pageant or a chain of hotels or golf courses. This shit is really happening and America is casting the ballot that matters.

I’ve said on many occasions that I’m a registered democrat but I have voted across party lines. Politicians will talk you into anything that serves their agenda, granted. ANY politician will do that if allowed; republican, democratic or a true independent. A particular narrative needs a face; find a talking head to be the mascot. I tell you though, what’s going on in the red side of the political pie is disturbing.

People, Americans, are reasonably casting votes for a man that’s been racially insensitive and – in some cases – racist, specifically to Mexicans and followers of Islam. This land of ours is infested with and was founded on racism and the exploitation of it, so after electing the first black Commander-in-Chief, citizens of this nation are looking to vote Trump in?

Fuck party unity! I don’t give a shit about that. Aren’t we all Americans before we fill out a voter registration card? We are Americans first and foremost – and the person we choose to work in the highest office is representative of our beliefs, goals and ideals. Are we ready to pull this one, fellow Americans? Will you all be able to live with yourselves if he’s elected?

He’s not a reasonable man. I know republicans that are frightened that he’s the leader of their party while others like his bull-headed candor. He’s going to cause larger divisions among races in this country. Mind you, he kicked off his campaign insulting Mexicans loudly, never really apologized and yet there’s support, the real tangible kind; polling numbers for a presidential bid.

There’s a loud counter argument that Barack Obama is the reason race relations in this country are as toxic as they’ve been since the Civil Rights Movement – and I’ll listen…for a moment. It isn’t his fault. The reality is America’s original sin could no longer be swept under the rug when the house boy controls the whole damn show. Obama isn’t a deity. He has no superpowers that I’m aware of. The vehement opposition he’s faced politically, hasn’t been just disrespectful, crass and littered with racial double-speak, it’s obviously racist. A large portion of this country will never accept – and never accepted – an African-American in that house. It scares the establishment and makes everyone uncomfortable, well the racists that is.

That’s ending soon so the pivot is to…this republican? Other republicans have had some policies that I’ve agreed with or they were introspective at the bare minimum. Trump’s like a terrible cartoon villain – but people are clapping and cheering for him at rallies. None of his agenda is fictional. I’m not shocked that people are voting for him, I’m not. It’s painting a clear picture of the divisions in this country. How can an intelligent, educated, cultured adult fall into this web?

Am I missing something? I’m not saying Hillary Clinton is the golden candidate by any means but doesn’t she seem like someone who has a semblance of a plan? Doesn’t she do more than bluster about generalities? Is she petulant when Bernie Sanders refuses to bow out even though it’s mathematically impossible for him to unseat her position?

At the very least, doesn’t she seem reasonable? Maybe so, maybe I’m wrong. That’s ok.

So you’re going to let this shit happen, America? The fact that he’s a nominee is scary enough but it opens a window into the mind of half of this nation. That’s frightening.

If I see another billboard with that “Make America Great Again” slogan laced with subtext I might drive my car off the Pacific Coast Highway. I’m depressed; time to call a girl now so she can tell me how handsome I am.


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