And On It Goes

By: S. Davis

They say we constantly complain
But where’s the change that we crave
In trying to live our lives
They let us know we’re not the same
Fearing the past, the suffocating oppression
And we will never forget the chains
And the cops, with our system
Yet they escape all the blame
And we’re falling behind swiftly in the American success game
Can we be more than skin tone
Can’t you just respect our names
We’re not asking for permission
To take part in this country anymore
As we built this damn thing
It’s a fact
Not a single ethnicity can ignore
We went from the bowels of those ships
To business ownership
We will not be held back
We will not be silenced
Let your ignorance dissolve
It’s undeniably outdated
Rewrite those voting laws across states
They are glaringly racist
They chant “Black Lives Matter” and I agree that they should
You see for hundreds of years
You hung us from nooses
While laughing under your pointed hoods
You didn’t need disguises to hurt us
Or blatantly kill us dead
You didn’t need reasons to attack us
With knives, dogs, fire or lead
America let this happen
Not a single reprimand
We were only fit to farm and break our backs
But not live freely on the land
All men are created equal
That’s how you began framing the country’s laws
And Lincoln was not some sympathetic emancipator
His edict was to preserve The Union by winning The Civil War
Textbooks omit this so our children are educated yet uninformed
Screaming “White Lives Matters” or “All Lives Matter” is an egregious retort
We want to be respected
And not be killed for sport
When we are forced to riot
Believe, it’s a last resort
Congress dials for dollars daily
When they’re elected to govern and work
Where’s Congressional reform
When the leaders are glorified telemarketers?
Be kind and die off
Don’t pass your hate to your kids
LGBT, straight, all skin tones and religions
Deserve the right to thrive…to live
We pledge allegiance to a flag
When a portion of the country
Views us with a high level of scorn
I care for this land of liberty
But it just has to be more
We must foster acceptance
And inclusion on these shores
When we all work together
The American Dream is available for us all


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