By: S. Davis

A gust of wind blew her hair across her face as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. He brushed it aside in order to gaze into her eyes. Her faced hardened and as she rose to leave he begged her to remain seated on the bench with him. She relented – and they clutched each other’s hands tightly. Both looking away as they squeezed hands for a few moments longer.

He whispered slowly into her ear and a smile began to form across her mouth. Seeing this he began to weep uncontrollably, pleading with her. She kindly kissed his cheek and stroked his back, offering some comfort in such an emotionally charged meeting. Sinking his head into her lap, she spoke softly to him and he nodded in agreement.

She spoke at length and with surgical detail as he stoically listened to every point and as she continued her voice became assured, assertive and dominant. His chest heaved and his posture was pained and hunched as his world was definitely crumbling on this very evening. He responded and she shot it down. He grabbed for her before she took a second step back and she slapped his arms away. Passersby noticed and she assured them they were having an argument and nothing more. The strangers took her words as truth and disappeared into the busy city.

Reaching for her, desperate for a hug, she found herself in the center of his chest. It was familiar, a pleasant visit to a serene place. He kissed the crown of her head and inhaled the aroma coming from her scalp. She used the lavender coconut shampoo he bought her and he marveled at how she always was fragrant. Lotions, creams, body sprays, he never dated a woman who smelled so phenomenal without using traditional perfume. After the gym, upon rising in the morning, while making love…he was infatuated with her scent and the trail it left. He needed to hold on, he had no other choice.

She closed her eyes and recalled the late dinners, the picnic he held at her apartment when she had the flu and they couldn’t make the concert he bought tickets for in order to celebrate their second anniversary. She remembered when he first kissed her – and upon reaching home she told an ex that he needed to focus his energy elsewhere. She remembered the exchange of “I love you.” She dug her head deeper into his neck and she wrapped her hands around his waist. They both exhaled.

They rocked ever so slightly as if they were swaying to an unheard instrumental. Both holding their eyes closed to capture past moments: Their first date, their second one which was odd because they couldn’t stop laughing and they clanged teeth when attempting to kiss, how they would fall asleep on the phone, wake up the next morning and continue the conversation like nothing ever happened, the surprise picnic in her bed when she was running a fever and he eventually got sick to which she took two days off from a new job to nurse him back to health, the anxiety they both fought when they slept together for the very first time. It washed over them like a mental slide show.

She reached into her pocket and they released one another. He asked for a kiss. “No!” He apologized repeatedly and she instructed him to stop. She gave him her set of keys to their apartment…with an apology of her own. He fell to his knees and clutched her waist. A week prior they both had their roles in a nasty fight in which she slapped him and he grabbed her and put a scare into her heart. Anger. She pulled him up to his feet and began cutting him with words while staring through him. Surprisingly, she kissed him and caressed his chin before walking away. He watched his future briskly stomp away on the pavement and shrink as the distance grew between them. It was over. It was final. They never saw each other again.


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Mark Kohan April 26, 2016 / 11:52 am

    Shawn-I felt the emotion all the way through. So well written!

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