Let’s Go Johnny

By: S. Davis

I find the conversation swirling around the football future of Johnny Manziel to be something of note. He’s hanging on to his career in the NFL by the thinnest of margins and as of this post he’s conversing with the Denver Broncos. What said talks may eventually produce is anyone’s guess. There are certain aspects of his transgressions that are alarming but aren’t hurting his future like other players in the NFL.

Manziel has – on two reported occasions – physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend. One instance the police had to be called as they were driving erratically and got into an altercation on the side of the road. In the most recent incident between the two, she reported – through her lawyer – that he hit struck her with so much force that her “eardrum ruptured.”

With the league’s strong stance against acts of domestic violence in direct response to the Ray Rice footage you would think there would be some loud opposition to Manziel’s past…but there hasn’t been, at least not enough to kill his chances to resume his athletic career. His problems get stamped, primarily, with talk like “Oh he just parties too much!” and “When will he get it together?” The NFL hasn’t punished him, why? The media isn’t reporting or advocating that he be suspended or kicked out of the league. Hmm…

What am I missing? I heard that his issues aren’t as bad as some of the other players’ – namely Rice – because his elevator video spread like wildfire whereas there is no footage of Manziel striking his former lover. Isn’t the testimony of Manziel’s ex-girlfriend enough to cause someone in the league office to perk up? Does there need to be grainy video evidence of that incident to put him on the list to be punished? This is grossly under-reported yet when other athletes make the same mistakes it’s immediately a character issue and the team “must” act.

Why does he get the free pass?


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