Past Tense

By: S. Davis

Conflicted about courting you
You put me through a test
Protecting your heart
I had to earn it

First you said “no”
“Yes” followed later
You reinvigorated a weary soul
I armed you with confidence you lacked

You sobbed uncontrollably
When “I love you” danced from your lips
I smiled, shocked
Knew I was lucky

Some time later it danced into your ears
More tears left your eyes
My heart completely alive
I, yours
You, mine

Pessimistic my view
You, ever the optimist
Jaded and skeptical life colored me
You lived with boundless naiveté

I courted calm
You, hysteria
I sought adventure
You agreed yet craved security
I looked to our future
You couldn’t forgive the past
We laughed together

We cried in bed
Held hands
Caressed your face
Made love to each other

Exchanged promises of forever
I protected you
You took care of me, us
You argued

I ignored
You screamed
I shut you out
I put distance between us

You held your contempt
Your reaction to conflict was to flee
I wanted to talk through it

I battled depression
You never left me alone
I couldn’t sleep
It worried you to no end

You loved my mother yet never met her
I cherished yours
I loved you
You loved me
It wasn’t to be

Opposites did not attract
This is past tense
For we did not last
Past tense

We did not last
But in you I knew love
I experienced it with you
This is past tense
We did not last


2 thoughts on “Past Tense

  1. Mark Kohan February 24, 2016 / 1:21 pm

    Awesome Shawn.

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