I Shan’t Settle

By: S. Davis

She has yet to arrive
Thus I shan’t settle
In Her I’ll find balance
Not one to deter my flight

My equal, my partner
Strong in her own right
Not a cheerleader when I do well
But a stern critic when I do wrong

She exists
Across a street, state or continent
In the flesh, no need for a fairy tale wish
Casual girls bring slight content

No aim to change one another
Accepted as is
Though rounding out the positives
Whittling the negatives to dust

A personality as fierce as her heart
Charm that disarms
A mischievous smile
I admire her physical form yet I yearn for her brain

Until I meet Her
Mere girls are just fun
As she is The woman
All I want in The One

Not just my wife
But an eternal girlfriend
One I have not yet met
Thus I shan’t settle


2 thoughts on “I Shan’t Settle

    • sthewriter January 22, 2016 / 9:55 am

      Thank you. I’m glad you loved it.

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