NFL: Week 17

By: S. Davis

It’s the last week of the NFL regular season and I’m officially sad now. You didn’t come here to read me complain so check out the picks and get started on 2016 resolutions that you will fail to reach after tepidly attempting for a few months.

Week 17:

NY Jets 20 @ Buffalo 18: I have no confidence that the Jets can win a game that they need to but I’ll still pick them because, well, I don’t really know.

New England 27 @ Miami 9: Patriots.

New Orleans 24 @ Atlanta 30: They could combine to score 90-plus points and have the game of the weekend but is anyone outside of these two cities going to watch?

Baltimore 19 @ Cincinnati 20: The Bengals are going to have to gut this one out while Andy Dalton prepares to get the cast taken off his thumb in preparation for the playoffs.

Pittsburgh 24 @ Cleveland 10: Will the Steelers fall asleep at the wheel for the second week in a row?

Jacksonville 17 @ Houston 27: Texans.

Tennessee 6 @ Indianapolis 23: The Colts overachieved last season, with their postseason run ending in the AFC Championship game versus the Patriots. Andrew Luck masked a number of issues with his play and now that he’s been on the mend, Chuck Pagano is all but ready to be fired? What am I missing here?

Why is Ryan Grigson’s  job secure? Isn’t the general manager responsible for building the roster? Did Pagano draft, scout and/or sign free-agents in the last three years? I thought not. Too many experts – and Jim Irsay – thought the Colts were Super Bowl bound when any reasonable viewer would know they are just about what they should be this year. Remember all the love when ChuckStrong was a thing? Not For Long.

Washington 24 @ Dallas 10: You like that?

Philadelphia 13 @ NY Giants 20: It doesn’t matter now does it?

Detroit 20 @ Chicago 24: Bears?

Tampa Bay 14 @ Carolina 24: I’ll take 15-1 for the Panthers.

Oakland 23 @ Kansas City 27: Chiefs, why not?

San Diego 18 @ Denver 23: Philip Rivers will probably throw for over 400 yards but I doubt it will change the outcome.

Seattle 24 @ Arizona 27: I really hope that Cam Newton and Carson Palmer split the NFL MVP in a few weeks.

St. Louis 20 @ San Francisco 13: The Rams should lose because they’re not playing the Seahawks…and they just might.

Minnesota 20 @ Green Bay 23: The Packers are shaky but I’ll take them at home.

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 146-93


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