NFL: Week 16

By: S. Davis

It’s going to be warmer in New York City than it will be in Southern California over the next few days so maybe I should have taken the flight east for the week. Oh, well. I’m officially sad that the season is ending but I will soothe my sorrows in macaroni and cheese, wine, ham, sweet corn, and chicken.

Happy holidays to all! Be grateful for what you have – and who you have – as there are always others that aren’t as fortunate.

Week 16:

San Diego 21 @ Oakland 23: Great career, Mr. Charles Woodson.

Washington 24 @ Philadelphia 27: A team from the NFC East will host a playoff game.

New England 28 @ NY Jets 23: Considering the Patriots are still playing for postseason seeding, they will be playing to win – and they will.

Houston 13 @ Tennessee 6: In all the coverage about how bad the NFC East is, the AFC South has been just as horrid.

Cleveland 13 @ Kansas City 26: Chiefs keep it going.

Indianapolis 21 @ Miami 13: Colts.

San Francisco 10 @ Detroit 27: Could this be Calvin Johnson’s last game as a Lion?

Dallas 17 @ Buffalo 19: Sure.

Chicago 17 @ Tampa Bay 23: The Lovie Smith Bowl.

Carolina 24 @ Atlanta 20: Go for 16-0, Carolina. Why not?

Pittsburgh 30 @ Baltimore 5: Who’s going to cover the trio of Steelers receivers?

Jacksonville 20 @ New Orleans 21: Maybe this ends in a tie.

St. Louis 20 @ Seattle 36: Seahawks.

Green Bay 24 @ Arizona 30: Last year the Cardinals lost Carson Palmer – and this year they lose their most versatile defender, Tyrann Mathieu, with an ACL tear in his right knee…as the playoffs loom. Since the Cowboys were hit with so many injuries to render this season a lost one, I didn’t have a representative from the NFC for the Super Bowl.

The Cardinals are a team I was watching closely all season and I think this injury has them viewing the Super Bowl in February while on vacation.

NY Giants 13 @ Minnesota 23: Great way to leave your team blowing in the wind, Mr. Beckham.

Cincinnati 20 @ Denver 24: The Bengals are more consistent and balanced on offense but that’s with Andy Dalton. If Dalton were healthy they would be the pick. I think AJ McCarron will make some plays but the Broncos will sucker him into a crucial turnover somewhere.

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 136-87


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