From Her Lips

By: S. Davis

Keenly aware I was of the moment
And as “I love you” floated from her lips
Those sweet, supple pillows
Gazed did she into my eyes

The opposite of her expectations
Moved I was not

I felt not a single emotion
Tears ran the length of her cheeks
Framing her face
Mouth quivering as other tears arrived

Shoulders slumped
Finally, an action I matched

A true gift it is to have the attention
of an open heart
To have the love of the same heart
is as delicate as the rarest gem

Deep, everlasting love
Organic in nature
A flow there is
Reciprocity a mandate

Color sapped from her cheeks
Reading me through tears
Pupils expanding
Stiffening into a melancholy glare

Stood there I did
Ensnared in time
Words escaped me
None she wanted to hear
…or soothe her heart


2 thoughts on “From Her Lips

  1. Mark Kohan December 22, 2015 / 12:47 pm

    Well done!

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