NFL: Week 15

By: S. Davis

Where did the season go? With playoffs around this corner, this column will get progressively more depressing. I hate when the NFL season ends. I need a donut. Last week I went 8-8 so keep on coming back for great insight. Chocolate glazed, please.

Week 15:

Tampa Bay 24 @ St. Louis 15: I guess.

NY Jets 28 @ Dallas 20: I think the Cowboys fight harder than many expect them to. The Jets are not the type of franchise to have too much confidence in but they should manage a victory here.

Chicago 19 @ Minnesota 20: All things considered, I’ll take the home team.

Atlanta 20 @ Jacksonville 24: The Falcons have folded and some of that has to be blamed on the wide receivers (not named Julio Jones) that have failed to find separation in their routes. On top of that, this narrative that Matt Ryan may not be a franchise quarterback is pitiful. He is the guy, he just needs help. Defensively, they could use a more consistent pass rush.

Houston 20 @ Indianapolis 17: This is basically a game for the NFC South title and with the Colts likely to start their third quarterback of the year…well, the Texans have J.J. Watt, right?

Carolina 26 @ NY Giants 27: I like Odell Beckham Jr. against just about any defensive back right now. Are you ready for the assignment, Josh Norman? Since the media has come out of the blue with (overwhelmingly) effusive praise for the cornerback, I want to see him match up with the wide receiver of the moment.

Honestly, I think the Panthers will win, and I hope they do, because I want the champions of the NFC East to be under .500.

Tennessee 23 @ New England 33: Maybe the Titans can stay in this game for longer than I expect them to.

Buffalo 24 @ Washington 20: Buffalo defends and has LeSean McCoy while Washington is far too inconsistent from the quarterback position – although it feels like Kirk Cousins will be their starter going into next year.

Kansas City 23 @ Baltimore 10: I expect the Chiefs to have a hiccup – seven wins in a row entering Sunday – but maybe they got all them out of their system in the first six weeks of the season.

Cleveland 10 @ Seattle 40: Yup, that looks about right.

Green Bay 23 @ Oakland 19: Packers?

Denver 17 @ Pittsburgh 26: Steelers. My Super Bowl pick to win it all earns another big victory as the postseason draws closer.

Miami 13 @ San Diego 27: Picking the Chargers here is the lesser of two evils.

Cincinnati 17 @ San Francisco 14: Even without Andy Dalton, the Bengals should have enough to pull this out.

Arizona 30 @ Philadelphia 28: To be fair, for some reason this game gives me pause and while I think the Eagles will hang around…they play in the NFC East at the end of the day, so they fall into familiar habits, i.e., turnovers.

Detroit 33 @ New Orleans 34: Someone has to win.

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 125-82


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