NFL: Week 13

By: S. Davis

Cam Newton has 20 passing touchdowns to go along with 7 rushing touchdowns – versus 9 interceptions – and is leading an undefeated club that is operating without his top wide receiver (Kelvin Benjamin). He is a legitimate MVP candidate yet all we’re hearing about him concerns his disrespectful celebrations. Funny though when Tom Brady is riled up on the sideline after scoring a touchdown – and is clearly shown screaming expletives that are easy to read from his lips, he’s viewed as fiery and the consummate passionate quarterback.

Why is that?

Week 13:

Green Bay 27 @ Detroit 20: Boy did this game become rather interesting over the last four weeks, did it not?

Jets 16 @ Giants 20: The Jets field a good defense while the Giants trot out an offense than can put up numbers (and turnovers) all game long. They meet in the middle.

Arizona 24 @ St. Louis 20: Cardinals.

Atlanta 20 @ Tampa Bay 14: I have no idea why I’m making this pick.

Seattle 29 @ Minnesota 24: The Vikings make this a contest but I think Russell Wilson makes a clutch throw (or four) to take this one.

Houston 23 @ Buffalo 17: Texans?

Baltimore 21 @ Miami 23: I don’t know what I’m doing right now.

Cincinnati 30 @ Cleveland 10: Bengals.

Jacksonville 20 @ Tennessee 13: I may be falling asleep as I type this. For some strange reason I picked the Titans too many times to mention – and I’m tired of kicking myself when it’s clear they are an obvious dumpster fire.

San Francisco 9 @ Chicago 20: Bears.

Denver 20 @ San Diego 23: I see Phillip Rivers working his magic in the last four minutes of the game.

Kansas City 23 @ Oakland 21: I really like the Chiefs to keep their train on the tracks.

Carolina 26 @ New Orleans 20: Rob Ryan was not the only problem with the Saints defense, huh?

Philadelphia 17 @ New England 38: Patriots. If Rob Gronkowski was healthy I would add about 10 more points to the final tally.

Indianapolis 16 @ Pittsburgh 27: I love Matt Hasselbeck but taking down the Steelers – provided Ben Roethlisberger suits up – in Pittsburgh is too tall an order.

Dallas 16 @ Washington 24: If you are a real contender for the playoffs and have what seems like a new leader at quarterback – looking at you Kirk Cousins – then winning this game is the only acceptable result.

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 110-65


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