NFL: Week 12

By: S. Davis

Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday of all – and I get to have football along with it. I was undecided on venturing out to snab something from Best Buy but I won’t because I don’t want to get trampled before really stuffing my damn face. The menu – in which I shall cook on my own – features baked ziti, asparagus, stuffing, corn, brussels sprouts, potato salad and maybe a Cornish hen or two. (Those hens are like the personal pan pizza of the tasty bird world.)

If last Sunday’s game between the Bengals vs. Cardinals turns out to be repeated on Super Bowl 50…SIGN ME UP! The chances are pretty high it won’t occur…but maaaan if it were to materialize.

I’m so enamored with the job the NFL is doing with player safety – and it was a nice touch for the league to allow St. Louis Rams quarterback Case Keenum to stay in the game last week against the Baltimore Ravens when he clearly had a concussion. He’s tough though, right? It’s just what the league wants. Play through concussions, keep scheduling the Thursday night games when the players are still beat up from collisions on Sunday – and shhhhhh…we will get more regular season games. (It’s time for me to start cooking.)

Week 12:

Philadelphia 24 @ Detroit 30: The Lions should be able to beat an Eagles team that got plastered last week by the feisty Buccaneers. Should.

Carolina 20 @ Dallas 27: I really don’t think the ‘Boys will win this game but the Panthers need to get their loss out-of-the-way early to make sure they begin reaching their peak a month from now.

Chicago 26 @ Green Bay 27: It’s going to be a cool sight to see that number four jersey officially retired. It also shows that time does heal some wounds.

Oakland 20 @ Tennessee 23: I keep thinking the Titans will play a little better but they don’t…yet I pick them this week.

Buffalo 17 @ Kansas City 24: Tyrod Taylor is nursing a few injuries, I’m sure, and the Chiefs are playing well lately. I like Arrowhead this time of year.

Tampa Bay 24 @ Indianapolis 26: The Buccaneers are playing better than expected and have gotten themselves to .500 (at 5-5) but the Colts are home and I’m giving Matt Hasselbeck the benefit of the doubt as he’s won all three of his starts this year.

NY Giants 27 @ Washington 21: Giants?

New Orleans 20 @ Houston 23: Are the Texans going to make the playoffs? Will they win the AFC South?

Minnesota 23 @ Atlanta 21: Maybe this pick is dumb but I don’t care. Are the Falcons quitting on the year when they’re still a playoff contender?

St. Louis 17 @ Cincinnati 30: I know the Bengals are on a two game skid but they lost those contests by a combined seven points. They are still a dangerous team, calm down.

San Diego 23 @ Jacksonville 21: I guess…

Miami 15 @ NY Jets 20: The Jets are flailing but the Dolphins don’t show anything that makes me want to pick them.

Arizona 30 @ San Francisco 16: I feel the Cardinals are going to get caught sleepwalking through this one and the final score will be closer than it should be.

Pittsburgh 24 @ Seattle 20: This is a tough one for the Steelers to pull off without Le’Veon Bell but why not? The Seahawks are not as formidable defensively which gives the visitors a chance to beat them on their turf. They do.

New England 28 @ Denver 20: Patriots.

Baltimore 13 @ Cleveland 17: Joe Flacco is lost for the year. I’m not sure I even have to say any more than that.

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 101-58


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