NFL: Week 11

By: S. Davis

Peyton Manning’s health and inevitable physically decline makes me sad. For such a great player I hate the fact that the media-at-large will brand his career with a “What if…” tag considering all he has accomplished. I get it, yes, he only won one ring. You’re judged on postseason play in professional sports and going one-for-three in the Super Bowls, in addition to several early playoff losses as a top seed, does not shine on his resume.

Week 11:

Tennessee 17 @ Jacksonville 14: Since I have to pick someone to win…

Oakland 24 @ Detroit 33: The Lions have a pulse, so why not? Saying this…they’ll probably wet the bed.

Indianapolis 17 @ Atlanta 20: Falcons, barely.

NY Jets 23 @ Houston 9: The Jets need to take this game if they intend to stay in the hunt for a wildcard berth.

Tampa Bay 24 @ Philadelphia 17: What will Chip Kelly do this week? Not a thing that will result in a win.

Denver 13 @ Chicago 27: Along with the Lions, the Bears are looking to close strong as the weather turns brisk. Jay Cutler isn’t making the brain-cramping turnovers – and the Bears are winning with key players (Matt Forte, primarily) in street clothes. There’s isn’t much to write about the Broncos right now. I swear it doesn’t feel like they are a seven win team…at all.

St. Louis 13 @ Baltimore 20: Ravens?

Dallas 23 @ Miami 30: I’m glad that Tony Romo is making the start but I don’t like them to win. He’ll make plays but I think rust will be evident and his defense won’t keep pace with the Dolphins.

Washington 17 @ Carolina 23: Someone’s going to trip up the Panthers…not this week.

Kansas City 27 @ San Diego 21: The Chiefs have a pulse now.

Green Bay 24 @ Minnesota 23: Boy has the NFC North title become a two-team race when most people blindly handed it to the Packers. Are the Packers going to drop another game that is now a crucial one? I don’t see it. I could be overlooking the Vikings here.

San Francisco 12 @ Seattle 26: The Seahawks baffle me on offense. They don’t make much sense to me. The blocking has been atrocious – and there have been one too many times where Russell Wilson holds the ball for two or three beats longer than he should.

Cincinnati 24 @ Arizona 27: Possible Super Bowl preview? Yes. I like how Carson Palmer dropped the clichés and said this game does mean something to him. This should turn out to be the game of the week.

Buffalo 20 @ New England 30: Someone is going to beat the Patriots this year – either after they clinch (which seems like) an inevitable bye in the AFC playoff picture or just straight up. (The Giants gave the Patriots too many chances to breathe.) When I view their schedule though, where is the loss coming from?

After Buffalo, the Pats are at Broncos, hosting Eagles, at Texans, hosting Titans, at Jets and at Dolphins. Taking into account they will probably have to play the year out because the Bengals only have one loss – so resting players for the last two weeks may not be an option.

Last Week: 5-9
Season: 92-53


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