NFL: Week 10

By: S. Davis

Not much of an overview this week as I’ve got some other important work that needs attention. It’s great that we now know that Andrew Luck has been playing with a lacerated kidney and a partial tear to an abdominal muscle. I love the NFL but I’m questioning what the game will be in 10 years when they ask, sorry, mandate with lawyers, the athletes to play 18 regular season games. It seems inevitable. It’s been quiet for a while but do not think the owners have ever completely tabled the idea.

Week 10:

Buffalo 13 @ NY Jets 20: J-E-T-S…you get the point.

Detroit 24 @ Green Bay 30: The Packers dropping three games in a row? I don’t see it.

Dallas 17 @ Tampa Bay 20: Buccaneers, you have to win this one. Right?

Carolina 24 @ Tennessee 23: This is a trap game in the making, and while I don’t see the Panthers going 16-0, Cam Newton and Greg Olsen escape with some late heroics.

Chicago 24 @ St. Louis 20: The Rams are too inconsistent to look at them seriously…like the Bears.

New Orleans 30 @ Washington 27: I could see the Saints surrendering 50 points, scoring a mere 16…or this game ending in a tie. “You like that?”

Miami 17 @ Philadelphia 23: Eagles?

Cleveland 14 @ Pittsburgh 20: I’ll take the Steelers here.

Jacksonville 10 @ Baltimore 26: Ravens.

Minnesota 20 @ Oakland 24: The Vikings take a loss to a team that seems intriguing.

New England 30 @ NY Giants 27: A few weeks back I ran into some insufferable Boston sports fans running their mouths about the last eight or so years – and all the championships they’ve captured in professional sports – and I long for the days when all of Boston’s sports teams were abhorrent. I have the utmost respect for the dedicated fans of the state – who have endured serious sports-heartache – but the new era of fans in Boston are idiots.

I’m not a Giants fan, per se, but I only love one city in this world: New York. (Although I do have a special place in my heart for Rome, Italy, so if they ever got an NFL team there, I mean…..) The G-Men represent NYC (and the tri-state area) so my heart wants to pick them here. I cannot. They’re light about five pass-rushers to be a real threat to the Patriots.

Kansas City 20 @ Denver 23: If Gary Kubiak pushes his ego to the side by allowing Peyton Manning to run his scheme – and they can muster a threat of a rushing attack – the Broncos should win, should. If not switch the score and take it to your sports book.

Arizona 33 @ Seattle 35: I want the Cardinals to win but I think they fall short by allowing Russell Wilson to decide the game.

Houston 29 @ Cincinnati 34: For some reason I honestly feel the Texans will find a way to hang around only to be put away late.

Last Week: 9-4
Season: 87-44


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