NFL: Week 9

By: S. Davis

I’m not certain that I truly understand what the San Francisco 49ers have been thinking about over the last few days. Why bench Colin Kaepernick for…Blaine Gabbert? Sure Kaepernick has been (mostly) cold and hot all season but do they truly feel that Gabbert represents the future or a more consistent option at the game’s most crucial position? Does the front-office know that Gabbert played for the Jacksonville Jaguars for a few seasons before they acquired him? Like, there’s tape out there and everything. Watch the film!

The move to tie Kaepernick to the bench would seem infinitely more plausible if the 49ers drafted a developmental quarterback (a second-to-fifth round prospect) and they wanted to get him some real game action while working, extensively, with their broken player for a week or two. If Gabbert plays well – I’m not sure that happens – then what? Unless they view him as a player that will vault into the top 10-to-15 at the position then I see no reason to play him. Kaepernick has been atrocious – with the exception of two or three games where he looked like an NFL level threat – and needs to watch a game or two from the sidelines but if he’s penciled in as the backup for more than a week or two then it will really lead to the conclusion that the blind are leading the blind in the front-office. Hubris is real, management.

As for the Vernon Davis trade, I love it. One thing that’s always bothered me is when experts tout how a skill-position player – in this case I’m referring to receiving tight ends and wide receivers – is “washed up” when their numbers take a dive. These same experts always exclude the change in coaching staff, a regressing quarterback and a shift in offensive philosophy that factors into the declining production.

Davis will now go to a team – if Gary Kubiak abandons his thirst for offensive credit to let Peyton Manning run his own playbook – and, out of the blue, he will shine. Who knew that a ball dependent player can, I don’t know, play once the quarterback actually looks his way to deliver the ball?  Sure Davis has been injured but everyone misses games in the NFL…or they eventually will.

Let me get this straight, the Tennessee Titans management decided to fire Ken Whisenhunt after 23 games (going 3-20 is hard to accept though) where he only got to coach his rookie quarterback for five games? Five. He led the team to a 2-14 record last year with a roster that wasn’t exactly bursting with talent that allowed them to draft Marcus Mariota to begin with. This is the MAIN reason teams fail and, in turn, destroy a huge number of quarterback prospects. Besides the NFL (and other sports teams) charging the government, i.e., the American taxpayers for all those military tributes, patriotic moments involving soldiers, etc.,  and the farce of player safety that the league tries to perpetuate, the fact that management and coaches often skirt blame at the expense of athletes who get thrown to the trash bin makes me vomit. So there’s going to be an interim coach – assistant head coach Mike Mularkey gets the nod for now – and more than likely another man to take the position after the season ends; sounds great.

Now Mariota goes from one head coach to three in under one year. This is stability? If (or when) he becomes ruined, he’ll wear all the blame – and not a hint of it will fall onto those questionable decisions made by those sitting upstairs.

Whisenhunt gets his hands on the future, franchise, quarterback – and gets canned. NFL teams are stupid. No matter what turnover happens on the roster, you must have stability and patience at head coach, especially when he inherited a bad team. You do not win in the NFL without a quarterback, simple enough; you don’t remain a coach without one either – so they arm Whisenhunt with a promising one and then fire him in less than two years on the job? Smart. You know the best way to ruin a young quarterback? Instability swirling around him sounds just about right.

Rant over. I cannot believe the regular season is at the midway point. I want to send a special “Thank You” to Tyler Clippard of the Mets.

Week 9:

Cleveland 17 @ Cincinnati 34: These Bengals are different.

Green Bay 30 @ Carolina 27: I like the Panthers…just not this week.

Washington 13 @ New England 40: “You like that? You like that!” Yeah…ok.

Tennessee 10 @ New Orleans 30: The Saints look like they have a pulse, offensively at least. Defensively, I don’t know what the hell is going on with Rob Ryan’s unit. If he’s wondering why he’s yet to snatch up a head coaching gig, giving up 52 points like the other team is straight out of Madden 16 is a good place to look.

Miami 21 @ Buffalo 23: That Cameron Wake injury is a tough one to overcome when the defense looked on the verge of making dominant plays every week. I’ll take the Bills and their (cleaner) injury report.

St. Louis 18 @ Minnesota 20: Two teams that I’m struggling to get a read on but I am proud of both Nick Foles and Teddy Bridgewater.

Jacksonville 14 @ NY Jets 16: It’s telling when Ryan Fitzpatrick goes down with a left hand injury and the Jets need him to play. He’ll be back this week it seems, and he should be able to claim another win for the New York Shreks.

Oakland 21 @ Pittsburgh 23: My Super Bowl pick was the Steelers over the Cowboys and are there two more teams destroyed by injuries than those two? If I jinxed them in any way, I truly apologize. I am sorry.

NY Giants 24 @ Tampa Bay 16: Can the Giants defend? Is it possible for them to keep the large Tampa Bay receivers out of the end zone?

Atlanta 40 @ San Francisco 6: Gabbert is starting, at quarterback, for the 49ers and I just…

Denver 27 @ Indianapolis 20: The Broncos will win IF Gary Kubiak allows Manning to run his scheme and backs the hell away. Period. Oh yeah, the run game has to keep the momentum going from last week’s showing versus the Packers too.

Philadelphia 23 @ Dallas 16: Does it matter at this point? It does, somewhat. If Joseph Randle were a better player, he’d still have a jersey with stars on it, personal troubles be damned.

Chicago 24 @ San Diego 26: Chargers.

Last Week: 10-4
Season: 78-40


2 thoughts on “NFL: Week 9

  1. Mark Kohan November 5, 2015 / 1:32 pm

    I’m glad you have the Jets beating the Jag’s. So do I. Also beside thanking Tyler Clippard you should also thank Luca Duda for that wonderful throw he made to home plate. Hosmer should have been out by 8 feet!

    • sthewriter November 7, 2015 / 9:04 am

      The Jets should take the game without much difficulty. Across the board they are “better” but those NFL Sundays can be minefields though. I just got the new SI with the Royals on the cover…and I have it face-down in my kitchen; can’t read it at all. Hosmer should have been dusted at the plate, I agree.

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