NFL: Week 8

By: S. Davis

Straight to the games as the Mets have me worried. I’m not bothered that they lost yesterday it’s that two-run lead in the opening game that could haunt them.

Week 8:

Miami 27 @ New England 34: It’s refreshing how the Dolphins have reacted to the coaching change but the momentum comes to a halt.

Detroit 17 @ Kansas City 23: Chiefs. It’s still Arrowhead and the Chiefs still play defense. My brain just farted as this game is in London. Oops!

Tampa Bay 20 @ Atlanta 30: Falcons, but I think the Buccaneers can put a scare into them.

Arizona 34 @ Cleveland 17: Don’t gag this one away, Cardinals. It won’t look good.

San Francisco 26 @ St. Louis 30: Can you put together two solid performances, Rams? Will Kaepernick be Jekyll or Hyde this weekend?

NY Giants 23 @ New Orleans 24: Tie?

Minnesota 24 @ Chicago 20: Maybe I need to pay more attention to the Vikings. Is Cordarrelle Patterson still on their roster? Where is he?

San Diego 23 @ Baltimore 20: Ugh…

Cincinnati 27 @ Pittsburgh 24: Ben Roethlisberger returns – and I’m just not sure about that knee. The Bengals are so complete and this is the game where the Bengals can fall but I don’t think they will.

Tennessee 16 @ Houston 20: Texans?

NY Jets 26 @ Oakland 21: J-E-T-S.

Seattle 27 @ Dallas 17: Sure…

Green Bay 23 @ Denver 17: I don’t like either offensive line against the opposing defense they will face but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers can, at the very least, threaten with the run and attack through play-action. On the other side, the Broncos cannot scare the Packers in the same way because they have yet to materialize a running attack – and boy would this be a great week to start.

Indianapolis 21 @ Carolina 26: The sheen looks to be dulling concerning the present (and future) of Andrew Luck. Personally, I think he’s playing hurt – and he’s not in the right offensive sets. I mentioned this last week but I’ll state once more that he needs to operate, just about exclusively from the shotgun or pistol formations.

The Colts have an underwhelming offensive line. Correct? The best way to remedy that is to have him a few feet away to mitigate their struggles as it pertains to keeping Luck upright. It’s really that simple. Go to three and four-wide sets (alternating both Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen in the slot along with T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson and Donte Moncrief working the boundaries) and have him get the ball out quickly.

Now to look at it directly, he needs to stop forcing passes. Being a quarterback is about taking care of the ball and making “hero throws” constantly will turn into devastating interceptions…like they have thus far. I don’t care one bit how talented a quarterback happens to be, turnovers are like defecating on the bed and lying in it.

Are there still doubters out there giving Cam Newton the stink eye? Get over it, he’s going to another level.

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 68-36


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