NFL: Week 7

By: S. Davis

The New York Mets are going to the World Series! I cannot believe that, uh…oh, right, this is about the NFL. Oops.

Week 7:

Seattle 28 @ San Francisco 27: Can you pull this off, Colin Kaepernick? Those ‘hawks are ripe to be placed on a mantle right now. They’re reeling and the strength of their defense – the Legion of Boom – got eradicated over the last two weeks by the Bengals and Panthers.

Put those tight-ends to work, 49ers. There are chunks of yards to be had along the seams and on in-routes across the middle of the field. Kaepernick is building on two consecutive impressive performances – considering there was real talk of benching him soon – and a win here could send some real waves through the NFC. Kaepernick plays well again but the Seahawks have a hint of desperation – and win.

Buffalo 21 @ Jacksonville 9: You’re welcome, London.

Tampa Bay 14 @ Washington 17: Just because they have a road game and they’re playing a rookie quarterback…

Atlanta 26 @ Tennessee 16: The Falcons should have lost to the Washington football team two weeks ago and should have won over the Saints last week. When teams gain victories in games they have no business winning at all (Washington), I find that to be great training for closely played playoff games.

Losing to the Saints, however, stalled their progress. Even though it was a divisional game – where records are pointless – it was a loss that shouldn’t rest on their ledger. The Titans are going through the usual peaks and valleys that go hand-in-hand with having a rookie as the starting quarterback. It will get better Titans fans, just not this week.

New Orleans 24 @ Indianapolis 34: The Colts will sleep their way into the playoffs based on the weak state of their division but that’s not their fault. (Neither is the dumpster fire in the front-office that’s driven by hubris. Look where that got San Francisco, Mr. Irsay. Look hard.)

As long as the coaching staff employs a spread offensive attack to mitigate the shortcomings of the offensive line, Andrew Luck will be completely fine – and he will produce. (I do wish he’d cut down on the “I-just-gotta-make-something-happen” type throws downfield.)

Minnesota 27 @ Detroit 30: Only because this game is in Detroit. Period.

Pittsburgh 14 @ Kansas City 23: Landry Jones looked good – in very limited duty last week – but the Chiefs should win at Arrowhead. They should, I think.

Cleveland 27 @ St. Louis 20: Too many inconsistencies from the Rams lead me to go with the Browns…who are looking like contenders. (I need to put this beer away.)

Houston 24 @ Miami 27: The new Dolphins, sure? It was good to see Cameron Wake attack the ball again. (Another player that NFL talents scouts thought had no future in the league…ugh. Where can I sign up to do a terrible job and get paid to watch prospects, fail at that miserably…and still have my opinions “valued.”)

NY Jets 23 @ New England 24: This version of the Jets is a team that’s easy to root for – and I like them to push the Patriots to the limit but fall short. Offensively, Brady will put enough pressure on his counterpart – Ryan Fitzpatrick – to play flawlessly and he won’t.

Oakland 17 @ San Diego 35: Chargers.

Dallas 17 @ NY Giants 30: Lesser of two evils here.

Philadelphia 20 @ Carolina 27: I’m about to feel really stupid after the Eagles win this game when I told myself to pick them.

Baltimore 20 @ Arizona 24: The Cards should win but they’ve been shooting themselves in the feet lately so I’ll make them the pick but it’s full of uncertainty.

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 59-31


One thought on “NFL: Week 7

  1. Mark Kohan October 23, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    As Always-great predictions. I will disagree with one-For the 1st time in a long time I believe the Jets will beat the Pat’s. Can’t wait for the game – and- Let’s Go Mets!

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