NFL: Week 6

By: S. Davis

To be frank, I’m going to be paying more attention to what the New York Mets are doing in Chavez Ravine tonight than what’s going on in the NFL. Let’s go Mets! Wait, this is not a baseball column. My bad.

Week 6:

Atlanta 24 @ New Orleans 16: Is the book of Sean Payton and Drew Brees (as Saints) reaching its final chapter? I cannot pick them against the Falcons right now.

Washington 19 @ NY Jets 20: Ryan Fitzpatrick throws one interception – probably – but his defense helps him out.

Arizona 33 @ Pittsburgh 20: I may be giving Michael Vick too much credit here – and he needs to get the ball to Antonio Brown – but he’s been playing better, incrementally. Small, progressive steps will not help him hang with Cardinals.

Kansas City 21 @ Minnesota 24: I thought the Chiefs would be a much better team that what they’ve shown thus far…but the record is the record (1-4) and I’m interested to see if they can muster something for the remainder of the year.

Cincinnati 27 @ Buffalo 10: So the Bills are sending out their backup quarterback to play against one of the most complete teams in the league?

Chicago 17 @ Detroit 20: Lions?

Denver 20 @ Cleveland 17: It’s odd to see Peyton Manning leading an offense that’s 17th in scoring (22.6 ppg) and 23rd in passing yards (231 ppg) but the defense is propping them up. A reason to worry: If Manning is struggling now, when the weather is still ideal for him, how’s he going to fare once Old Man Winter arrives?

Houston 17 @ Jacksonville 16: This might be a tie.

Miami 13 @ Tennessee 19: New Miami head coach, Dan Campbell, sounds like he was created from an assembly line of coaches from another decade. He’s a walking cliché and I wonder if this is the direction that the Dolphins management really care to undertake? After their last head coach, the answer is a resounding yes. I don’t feel the new coach makes a difference this week.

Carolina 20 @ Seattle 27: The narrative related to the Panthers is that they’re the weakest of the undefeated teams remaining – and they will get tested on Sunday. I think they deserve a lot more credit because they can only beat who lines up against them. (Ask the Golden State Warriors about that! Get over it, jealous NBA franchises; the Warriors beat the teams that took the court.)

The Seahawks can be had – that’s why I picked the Bengals to win last week – but the Panthers just don’t have enough to win on their turf.

San Diego 24 @ Green Bay 30: Packers.

Baltimore 17 @ San Francisco 21: Which Colin Kaepernick is the genuine article? The one that showed up last week against the Giants and in the 49ers’s only win against the Vikings or the one that was rumored to be benched in the very near future for Blaine Gabbert?

Will the Ravens drop another game?

New England 31 @ Indianapolis 24: Whether or not Andrew Luck starts this game the Colts need to change their offensive approach. The league knows that their offensive line is playing horribly at the moment – and Luck’s body is paying the cost of the poor protection upfront.

Going forward they need to open up their formations – shifting dominantly to three and four wide receiver sets with Luck in the pistol or shotgun – and let their franchise guy determine where to go with the ball without him running for his life. It allows his linemen to gain confidence while he moves the ball – and, in theory, it should open up some running lanes for Frank Gore and the other running backs.

NY Giants 30 @ Philadelphia 27: The Giants should win but since this is an NFC East battle, it could go either way and no outcome would shock me.

Last Week: 10-4
Season: 50-26


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