That Second Amendment

By: S. Davis

At the time when pen met paper to create the U.S. Constitution, our country was young and still strengthening its walking legs, we were in our infancy as an independent nation. The true threat of foreign invaders – predominantly British – was ever-present and to combat that the Constitution reflected the feelings of this country’s architects.

The Second Amendment is a product of its time; it was thought out and written as a response to the fear that Great Britain would invade our shores once more and place us under their rule. As humans, as Americans, have slowly evolved we’ve noticed that there are a myriad of laws and subjects concerning the creating of this nation that we now view as misguided, wrong and appalling but were quite fine with the Framers at the time they were conceptualized and scribbled on paper.

Some legislation needs to be put in place, any legislation. There shouldn’t be a time where people go to safe places such as schools, churches, malls, movie theatres, etc., and take their last breath on this planet by unknowingly walking into a whirlwind of bullets.

Guns will always be an ill of society – like drugs, greed, abuse of power, income inequality, etc. – and I’m not suggesting that law-abiding citizens be punished or have their homes raided for their weapons. However the thought of inaction in the face of another shooting is disappointing. Mind you, two more shootings took place on the campuses of Northern Arizona University and Texas Southern University in the last 24 hours.

Are we Americans? Are we humans? Are we devoid of compassion? How can we boast to the rest of the world that we’re a civilized society with the archaic gun laws in the U.S.A.? How can we point fingers at others in judgment while we simultaneously point easily accessible firearms at one another and pull the trigger without a second thought?

Sure, gun rights advocates will offer condolences to the bereaved but I get the feeling that in the very moment they turn their backs – and cock their guns – they think to themselves, “Well…they should have been armed.” That was the ongoing narrative in the wake of Sandy Hook, overwhelmingly. Will it take a school full of kids that have parents with influence inside the NRA to die tragically, in senseless gunfire, before something tangible gets done in Washington?

It’s time to tackle, revise and evolve the gun issue on Capitol Hill, it’s long overdue.


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