NFL: Week 5

By: S. Davis

So Josh Scobee was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers after he failed to convert extra points and field goals this season. In the 15 games played during Week 4 there were a total of 18 missed kicks (14 field goals along with four extra point attempts).

The game has been made easier for the offense while at the same time the special teams units get penalized – and had the degree of difficulty of their jobs raised for the sake of entertainment? Well, it’s working. The impetus for this move was to take the monotony out of the extra point as it was a “sure thing” and lacked drama. I cannot wait to read about the drama when a glamour team loses in the playoffs because of this.

I promise not to open my football entries with kickers anymore. I’ll try at least.

Week 5:

Indianapolis 17 @ Houston 13: Luck’s still out but Matt Hasselbeck is better than any quarterback the Texans will play.

Chicago 19 @ Kansas City 20: Jay Cutler returned last week and showed the Bears still have some life in their collective bodies but playing in Arrowhead is still an uphill climb for mediocre teams.

Seattle 21 @ Cincinnati 27: I see you Andy Dalton, keep it up. The interior of Seattle’s offensive line might be swallowed whole by Geno Atkins (and the rest of the Bengals’ front-four). The Bengals are complete everywhere, so while I feel the Seahawks will compete, I think the home team puts a beating on them.

Jimmy Graham plays for the Seahawks, right? He’s a versatile weapon and is not a traditional tight-end. Watch tape on how the Saints lined him up in several positions of a package…and got him the ball. He’s being wasted.

Washington 13 @ Atlanta 30: Washington isn’t good while the Falcons are – and they shall feast.

Jacksonville 10 @ Tampa Bay 20: Buccaneers?

New Orleans 24 @ Philadelphia 20: Look, I understand schemes and a system but you need the talent to execute it, Chip Kelly. DeMarco Murray is struggling with the Eagles because his running style – which is downhill after attacking a running lane – does NOT mesh with the line-play of his offensive line.

The Eagles allow some penetration so Murray is forced to make a defender miss before he can make a move to gain positive yards – and it is no surprise that the more elusive Ryan Mathews looks like a better option. As it stands, Murray does not fit with the philosophy of Kelly’s system unless the coach alters his approach. Boy do we know how amenable these coaches are to change.

Cleveland 9 @ Baltimore 26: The Ravens escaped last week because of abhorrent kicking by the Steelers. They’ll control their fate in this one.

St. Louis 17 @ Green Bay 31: The Rams are not consistent anywhere, except on the defensive side of the ball. Good luck in Green Bay.

Buffalo 23 @ Tennessee 18: The Bills, I guess.

Arizona 27 @ Detroit 24: Tough call to lose out on; Seattle sure gets the controversial calls. Are we seeing the decline of Calvin Johnson before our eyes? He is 30 – which is the beginning of the decline at a skill position – so I’m just going to hope, as a fan of football, that he’s hurt and is keeping it to himself.

The Cardinals came back to the planet after losing a tough fight versus the Rams but I still believe in them as contenders in the NFC.

New England 35 @ Dallas 17: Good luck, Brandon Weeden.

Denver 23 @ Oakland 13: Broncos defenders will keep up their stellar play.

San Francisco 13 @ New York 26: GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-Men.

Pittsburgh 17 @ San Diego 27: Michael Vick played average and put the Steelers in position to win last week but he needs to improve on his decision-making – and I feel a second consecutive start will do that – but going against the Chargers will be a tall order.

Last Week: 11-4
Season: 40-22


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