NFL: Week 4

By: S. Davis

Michael Vick gets to be a starting quarterback in the NFL again, beginning tonight against a winless Baltimore Ravens squad. Whoa! I’m most interested in how the Pittsburgh Steelers cater their offensive scheme considering Ben Roethlisberger isn’t taking snaps for the next month or so.

Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams, I’m sure, will be heavy in the rotation this evening – and until no. 7 returns. What can anyone reasonably expect from the Steelers? Vick has something in him but I sincerely hope he prepared for this because it was obvious he didn’t know what the backup role entailed while a member of the New York Jets last season.

Week 4:

Baltimore 20 @ Pittsburgh 17: Someone told me that Steve Smith, Sr. was washed up years ago. Really? I haven’t seen where he’s slipped. I cannot envision the Ravens losing a fourth consecutive game.

NYJ 17 @ Miami 13: I don’t know who the Dolphins are while I know the Jets will – at the very least – defend.

Jacksonville 10 @ Indianapolis 30: Colts.

NYG 20 @ Buffalo 23: The Giants lack a pass rush however I can see them winning big or losing big…I just don’t know. I don’t feel like I have a complete grasp on the Bills either.

Carolina 21 @ Tampa Bay 17: The Panthers are the lesser of two evils and when will Cam Newton start getting the headlines that other quarterbacks have gotten for years?

Philadelphia 24 @ Washington 20: Eagles.

Oakland 20 @ Chicago 8: Will Amari Cooper and Derek Carr get the Raiders to three wins in the first quarter of the season? Well, they’re playing a Bears team that’s selling off assets in what’s shaping up to be a top-pick-in-the-2016-Draft type of season. I’ll take the Raiders, who knew?

Houston 13 @ Atlanta 30: The Texans will not be able to keep pace with the Falcons in this one. The final score will definitely be tighter if Arian Foster takes the field but even he’s not enough.

Kansas City 20 @ Cincinnati 34: I like Alex Smith but he has to look for other options besides Jamaal Charles and Travis Kelce. I know that Jeremy Maclin had a big game against the Packers (8 receptions for 141 yds and a TD) but Smith (and Andy Reid) need to attack the boundaries of the field. They’re making the game tougher by refusing to attack all the green out there.

Cleveland 13 @ San Diego 23: The Chargers should be able to get the stink of last week off of their jerseys.

Green Bay 31 @ San Francisco 20: I doubt that the 49ers will play as bad as they did last week but the clock seems to be ticking on Colin Kaepernick. One good thing is that he’s had success against the Packers in the past so maybe he can conjure up one of those scary performances that put opposing franchises on alert.

Also, I’m convinced that professional scouts and general managers don’t pay dedicated attention to players. James Jones wasn’t good enough to be picked up before the season started and he wound up back with the Packers. Of course Aaron Rodgers has a lot to do with his play but you cannot tell me he wasn’t showing enough to earn a roster spot.

St. Louis 20 @ Arizona 23: This has gag written all over it for the Cardinals. Will they keep their play at an elite level against a team that can disrupt the comfort Carson Palmer has enjoyed with a clean pocket thus far?

Minnesota 23 @ Denver 24: I like the Broncos in a close game with their defense containing Adrian Peterson just enough.

Dallas 20 @ New Orleans 21: Tie?

Detroit 15 @ Seattle 30: Seahawks.

Last Week: 11-4
Season: 29-18


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