NFL: Week 3

By: S. Davis

Last Thursday’s game between the Broncos and Chiefs had to be the best game since the NFL punted on player safety to add such an odd night for competition. Will this evening’s game live up to it? I’d be shocked.

Week 3:

Washington 9 @ NYG 26: With all the mental mistakes that the Giants have been making, I’m concerned on where this season will take them. They should be undefeated up to this point after blowing leads in both their games and making gaffes uncharacteristic of a Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning led team.

Is the Washington football team about to do something that most of the NFL didn’t expect? No, however I would pay close attention to rookie running back Matt Jones (from Florida), especially if I played in fantasy leagues. Maybe it’s time…

Atlanta 23 @ Dallas 20: The Cowboys have a great offensive line but the thought of just plugging in any runner behind them was one that should have been avoided. Hindsight is always 20/20 but you almost have to build your roster with a certainty that there will be a devastating injury somewhere – and they now have to play through two with Dez Bryant and Tony Romo gone until the winter (at the least). They should have tried much harder to bring back DeMarco Murray and his absence is even more pronounced considering the players sitting at home.

Julio Jones cannot be single covered, especially not by anyone currently suiting up for the Cowboys.

Indianapolis 17 @ Tennessee 13: If Andrew Luck has a C-game and the Colts lose will the sky fall around him? He sure doesn’t get much blame for anything negative surrounding the team. In my mind, projections that the Colts are Super Bowl contenders are insane. Why? Luck’s mere presence masks the fact that his team overachieved these past two seasons.

The roster is incomplete – and it seems like a lot of people will be fired by Jim Irsay if this team doesn’t make the 50th edition of the game wrapped around a long halftime show. If so, he’ll be wrong. Luck makes up for all the blisters on this roster – and maybe he’s carrying too much of a burden on his own.

Oakland 20 @ Cleveland 13: I feel really dumb about this – REALLY dumb – but, why not? I can see both arguments regarding the decision to put Johnny Manziel on the bench in favor of the returning Josh McCown but it’s the right move to have Manziel back on the bench.

It seems that the front-office may actually realize that throwing – or forcing – a young quarterback on the field too soon is detrimental. Why don’t all teams realize this? Let McCown give what he can while making sure to pour hours into the development of Manziel. They can also build the roster to offer him a steady running attack, a healthy, deep, offensive line and some consistent receiving threats when it’s his time to step under center permanently.

Cincinnati 17 @ Baltimore 18: Dangerous vs. desperate.

Jacksonville 10 @ New England 38: Patriots.

New Orleans 16 @ Carolina 21: I knew the Saints would have obstacles to overcome when they traded away Jimmy Graham but now that Drew Brees is nursing an injury to his rotator cuff…ugh.

Philadelphia 20 @ NYJ 21: Even at 0-2 the Eagles are not out of the division race when factoring the Cowboys and their maladies while the Jets are trying to make sure they can stay closer to the Patriots. Before the world begins to give the Jets too much credit, it’s their defense and do not be fooled. The only reason Ryan Fitzpatrick has yet to make crippling plays is because Darrelle Revis and the other defenders are handing their quarterback a short field of which he’s not allowed to urinate on.

Full disclosure, I actually like Fitzpatrick but he is what he is at this point in his career. All the tape that he’s put out is accurate. He can win you a few games but the longer he’s on the field, the chances that he will murder your franchise are high.

Tampa Bay 16 @ Houston 17: I’m not too sure where the Texans will generate offense but they should be able to muster up two touchdowns and keep the Buccaneers in check.

San Diego 24 @ Minnesota 21: The Chargers should win this game but I’m torn on whether they will.

Pittsburgh 31 @ St. Louis 24: The Steelers are going to score a boatload of points this season because they seem hell-bent on not kicking…anything, if they can help it.

San Francisco 24 @ Arizona 27: I like the Cardinals with a healthy Carson Palmer over a lot of teams this year. It’s clear that they will continue to defend – even in the absence of new Jets coach Todd Bowles – but if the offense can consistently threaten with the deep strikes included in Bruce Arians’ playbook (leading the league with 39.5 points per game) they should be a dark horse NFC title contender.

Please keep throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, please.

Buffalo 13 @ Miami 19: Ndamukong Suh will be a force in this game.

Chicago 13 @ Seattle 23: Kam Chancellor returns…after his holdout yielded nothing but two missed game checks (worth over a combined half-million dollars) but hopefully he gets his contract renegotiated.

Denver 30 @ Detroit 27: I love the matchup of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate against Aqib Talib and Chris Harris – and I think the game will be determined in this four-way battle. On another note, will Gary Kubiak allow Peyton Manning to run the offense in the way that maximizes his abilities or will he force him into a rigid scheme? Why is it so hard for coaches to adapt to their personnel?

Kansas City 20 @ Green Bay 34: Aaron Rodgers is playing quarterback in a way that’s going to redefine what we all expect from the position. Provided he remains healthy his career numbers will be from another planet altogether. He’s almost allergic to interceptions which I value more than anything else in a quarterback. I never bought into any signal-caller that had the “gunslinger” tag tied to their name. Turnovers make me scream and Rodgers keeps the ball out of the grasp of defenders while still completing tough throws.

Last Week: 7-9
Season: 18-14


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