Love is…

By: S. Davis

Love is not rainbows for perpetuity
Nor is it sunshine as far as the eyes can see
Love is not like MOVIES
Love is not always easy
At times, love does
And will
For we place our hearts in the care of other humans
As of yet, the Lord has yet to create a perfect one
Humans are flawed and will fail, consistently
Love will disappoint
Love will contain obstacles
By nature of it’s mere existence
It will lead you on path to discovery you weren’t aware of
Love is not a magic elixir to fix your problems
Love is not a substitute or a cure for loneliness
Love, at times, does not fight fair
It says mean things and can walk out on you
Love is patience
Love is understanding
Love is not a guarantee that the two who share it
Shall spend eternity together
Love can be intense
Love can be serene
It can lift you to greater heights
It can humble you to your knees
Love is not reserved for just the easy days
Far too simple
Love is being respectful and accepting of your partner’s flaws
Without looking to judge
Love is being honest
Love is remaining united in rough times
Love frustrates
Love is elusive
Love is to be cherished
Love is rare
Love is saying “Yes”
It also says “No”
Love is work
Love can be sustained over long distances
Yet crumble over short ones
Love can be inconvenient
Love can be too powerful to ignore
Love can lead you to the altar
And to the courts of divorce
Love can remain in your heart well after the relationship has ended
Love encompasses a great deal
But above all
Love is not perfect
Yet that doesn’t deter our desire to fall into it


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