A Chance Meeting

By: S. Davis

I spot her across the way, excited
My eyes fixated, intrigued
She’s what I want, for this night, maybe longer even
Mesmerized I am by her walk, captivated
What a luminous smile
Her outfit, detailed, she took time before leaving the house
Colors accentuate her eyes as the garment favors her curves
Confidently I approach, sober
Liquid courage, unnecessary
Realizing I have her in mind, she addresses her friend with a grin
Respectfully, I talk to both while deliberately locking eyes with the object of my attention
Her friend notices the vibe, I got her alone
Our energy, intoxicating
Our date begins
A single evening blends into the next day
Together, as it’s authentic
Someone to look forward to
No pretense
Are you her?


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