By: S. Davis

Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. Period. No italics, quotation marks, snarky laughter or scorn is needed. The hypocrisy of this country continues to shine brightly, once more. Aren’t we the nation of inclusion, acceptance and the land that celebrates difference?

As an African-American male in this country I know better.

Why the hate for Jenner? She identifies as a woman, is one, so why are people “appalled” at her own life choice? Detractors, please step out of your perfect life and place yourself in her shoes. Imagine for a moment that you didn’t truly identify with the reflection staring back in the mirror. What would you do? Would you deny being your true self for decades, like Bruce Jenner did?

How would you face your spouse, children, parents and close family members? Would you want to be on an island on your very own? Also, who has the right to stand up and judge Jenner? That is out of everyone’s hands regardless of sex, age, race and religious belief. Close your mouth for a moment and think about carrying that baggage over a lifetime.

I cannot relate to what Jenner went through for 65 years but just because her life choice isn’t yours, does that make you right? Is she wrong?

At the end of the day, aren’t we all human beings? Maybe I shouldn’t type that because the species of man is a vile creation. Jenner breathes air, has to have water and food for sustenance, laughs, cries, bleeds, etc. She’s different, yes, when measured against what the majority of society views as “normal” but she is human.

I wonder about the end result after the lights dim, the book deals halt, and the reality show wraps after a handful of seasons. Will there be inner peace for Caitlyn? I hope there is.

Ultimately does the narrative prove to be a positive one for the transgender community? Meaning, Jenner has financial mobility and a platform that many don’t so will she become proactive and vocal in trying to advance education and opportunities to those afraid to come out of the shadows?

Her reveal to the world is not the normal way these type of announcements go. That cannot be lost in all the noise. I hope she uses her spotlight to help those who didn’t garner over a million followers on Twitter an hour after making such a monumental life change.

C’mon America, stop being so fucking hypocritical. Are we accepting or not? Shit, it sure seems conditional.


2 thoughts on “Caitlyn

  1. presentationdesigner4u June 4, 2015 / 5:09 am

    I can relate to your thoughts. Yes America is suppose to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, but it is what people do not understand that they fear. They knew of an Olympic champion from years ago, and now she wants to be referred to as a female. Most people do not handle change well. I think Caitlyn has every right to be who her true authentic self is. I watched the interview today with Diane Sawyer, and it affected me deeply. I noticed a sense of reluctance, but also hope and relief at being true to herself. How amazing! Although there are many haters out there, progress is being made. I hope in our lifetime we will be able to see all people recognized and accepted for their true selves.

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