By: S. Davis


I don’t understand it

How seemingly, reasonable, people can claim superiority over others based only on the tint of skin is preposterous

Slavery, housing discrimination

Executed in the streets by cops now; legally hung from trees before

You haven’t been oppressed, shackled

Suffered gentrification, standardized testing

Labeling particular neighborhoods undesirable

Your oppression started when exactly?

Voting criteria to dissuade minorities from polling and making it arduous to register

Skin color, your position is founded on skin color

Zoning to increase funding for certain schools in certain districts

Incensed that you cannot speak the N-word

You gave us the lovely gift; it was fired from your tongue

You should be able to use it but please do so in one of those undesirable areas

You need to say it, you yearn to scream it, say it there

We took the power of the word away from you

My natural tan makes me…inferior?

No, but cling to that line of thinking

If my melanin rich skin is abhorrent then why try to replicate it?

Spending money on chemicals

Sleeping under the hot sun and using tanning machines?

What are you crying about?

Have you been subjugated for a reason you cannot control?

When have you ever had to die to gain equal rights?

Racism should not exist

I hate that it still does…and always will


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