Then I Knew

By: S. Davis

My mind infected
Thoughts distracted
Lips tracing the back your neck
I pull you in closer

Your breath careening over my mouth
Your chest heaving, caressing my face
My hands slowly traverse your quivering thighs
On the verge of exploding

Softly my name emerges from your throat
You are air-bound, legs locked around my torso
I whisper your name as your top descends to the floor

Teach me the language of your body
Bilingual is my aspiration
My tongue expressive in ways words cannot match
Conversing with every centimeter of your majestic…perfect curves

A gentle squeal into the pillow as I rest between those ever shuddering legs
Cantaloupe, Passion Fruit, Mango doesn’t taste as you do
From the night we met…

A feeling so foreign, I thought died, just lie dormant
You’ve awakened this fire under ash
Ash that repressed
I have returned now…with you

Every inch of you, sublime
Your skin, divine
Knees close to your shoulders, a glistening silhouette
Tears fill your eyes, as priceless as the rarest amulets

You rest after your climax
You taste your juices in my mouth
I place you on your side, from behind
You want it all, you want me inside

I ignored my urges, initially
We barely knew one another
But while with other women…
I only saw you

Then I knew

You had to be here
Screaming, sweating, purring…above, below, and beside me
Wrapped around my elbows as I carry you to the wall
Arms locked around my neck, you receive it deeply, my all

Your name travels from my throat to your left ear
You savagely bite my cheek and your nails dig along my spine
You want to be here, you want to be mine
Surpassing the heart and the physical; we’re making love to each other’s minds

Do you want me?
I want you.
Do you want me?
You have me.

Resisting my desire proved too grueling a task
No hiding, no mask
Kissing, deeply, the arch of your back
Sucking your buttocks drives you into a euphoric passion attack

We navigate this trance
Your plentiful cheeks being parted with my hands
“Too much” you claim, a coy smile
I supply more and in turn you pull your own hair, frenzied, wild

In the bed
On my wall
On to the shower
After leaving the floor

Our eyes met the first time
I knew then
I fought
But I knew then


I ignored my urges, initially
We barely knew one another
But while with other women…
I only saw you

Then I knew


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