NFL: Week 17 Picks

By: S. Davis

Since the New Orleans Saints performed so admirably this season I don’t have a pick for the Super Bowl. How dumb was I to pick them to win the whole thing this year? Don’t laugh at me; no one expected them to crater – on ALL sides of the ball – once the season got underway.

The New England Patriots are my AFC representative in the Super Bowl where they will meet Seattle, Dallas or Green Bay. As for the winner…not yet, I refuse to put my foot in my mouth another time; I’m sick of my socks.

Week 17:

Cleveland 9 @ Baltimore 27: Ravens.

Dallas 20 @ Washington 17: ‘Boys.

Indianapolis 30 @ Tennessee 24: Colts.

Jacksonville 17 @ Houston 19: Texans?

San Diego 23 @ Kansas City 17: Chargers.

NY Jets 15 @ Miami 31: Dolphins.

Chicago 20 @ Minnesota 28: Teddy B!

Buffalo 17 @ New England 23: Come to Massachusetts if you want to get to Arizona in February!

Philadelphia 20 @ NY Giants 24: It’s a shame that Mark Sanchez didn’t play well enough to earn himself a starting job after this season when several teams will be looking for one. The Giants ventured along peaks and valleys the entire season: cold streaks followed by hot ones…lather, rinse, and repeat.

New Orleans 17 @ Tampa Bay 23: Let’s get it done, Bucs.

Carolina 17 @ Atlanta 21: Your NFC South division winner!

Detroit 21 @ Green Bay 30: I don’t see the Packers going crazy and I don’t see the Lions folding either.

Oakland 20 @ Denver 24: Broncos.

Arizona 9 @ San Francisco 13: So the brass really wants to get rid of a good coach on Jim Harbaugh because he gets too much credit? There are other franchises that would kill themselves to obtain a coach that is half as good as the one wearing the headset in Santa Clara.

Poor coaching, injuries and undeveloped talent (or a lack of it) will absolutely ruin a team’s future. You know what else does that? Hubris. The suits in the 49ers front-office need to take a hard look in the mirror if they go through with what has been the worst kept secret in the NFL this year.

St. Louis 16 @ Seattle 26: The road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Washington. Good luck, visitors.

Cincinnati 17 @ Pittsburgh 31: Steelers.

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 164-76


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