By: S. Davis

Drive to the sky
So high
I’m so high
Focus, conflicted
Blood eyes
Success, money, drugs, and the women
So afflicted
Or just plain addicted
Heartbeat growing weaker
Pupils dilated
On a road to ruin
Bad death or good life
Either or
Which one shall I get?
Oh how the bells tolls
And forever the clock ticks
Heaven, Hell, and Earth
Examining my soul’s worth
Searching to just go
Where I’m unknown
Excess…unyielding, relentless
Damn the Big Apple
Curse the City of Angels
Reflection in the mirror
Asking myself if my laboring is all I can do
A revealing look inside
I so want to be high
Away from the stress
Enveloped in success
Money will be there
Women in all shades of hair


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