NFL: Week 15 Picks

By: S. Davis

Computer trouble this week interrupted my ability to get this out before the Thursday game so here they are. I cannot believe that the regular season has two more weeks before the knockout round, it sure flew by.

Week 15:

Arizona 13 @ St. Louis 10: I did go with the Cardinals – and in the very near future their defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, will be head coach in the league. The one thing I don’t like is that he orders full blitzes at crucial points (usually towards the end of games). That won’t sustain them once the tournament round begins.


What are they going to do going forward at the quarterback position? Tim Tebow is available.

Pittsburgh 30 @ Atlanta 27: The Steelers could win big or lose by having Julio Jones – if he plays – undress their entire secondary. I want to pick a tie but I guess someone will win the game. Watch the Falcons win by 15 points since I picked the schizophrenic Steelers.

Washington 17 @ NY Giants 38: Giants.

Miami 20 @ New England 33: As someone who doesn’t like the concept of a shutdown corner, meaning I’d want one on my team but I don’t like how opponents view them, I don’t think an offensive game plan should ever avoid throwing to one side of the field.

Darrelle Revis, though, needs another label because he shadows top receivers no matter where they line up and limits them. Revis is the best corner playing today with Patrick Peterson, Vontae Davis, Joe Haden and Richard Sherman all on the second level. He was one of the reasons I picked the Patriots to make the Super Bowl (where I had them losing to the Saints) and maybe I should have picked them to win.

Oakland 10 @ Kansas City 20: Chiefs…if they want to remain alive in the last three weeks of the season in a mad dash for the last two AFC playoff spots.

Houston 14 @ Indianapolis 30: I like J.J. Watt be he is not the league MVP, Andrew Luck has a great case to be.

Jacksonville 10 @ Baltimore 24: Ravens.

Green Bay 30 @ Buffalo 16: Packers.

Tampa Bay 17 @ Carolina 14: I don’t have a C-L-U-E. Although I wish the Buccaneers could qualify for the division crown. Well maybe…

Cincinnati 27 @ Cleveland 18: The Browns make a few plays and Johnny Football makes it exciting but the Bengals give them a dose of reality.

NY Jets 12 @ Tennessee 13: Titans.

Denver 26 @ San Diego 24: The problems that the Chargers can present the Broncos are intriguing but the visitors will be a hair better on defense.

Minnesota 27 @ Detroit 34: Lions, but I will NOT be shocked if the Vikings made it interesting or walk off the field with the victory.

San Francisco 9 @ Seattle 20: Will the Seahawks put the nail into the 49ers’ season? I think so.

Dallas 31 @ Philadelphia 28: So I like the ‘Boys to get their revenge for the Thanksgiving beating they took.

New Orleans 20 @ Chicago 23: This is kind of personal because of the way the Saints have played – and I REALLY want the NFC South champion to enter the postseason with no more than six victories. Boy was it smart to underestimate the value Darren Sproles brought to the team.

Last Week: 12-4
Season: 141-67


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