NFL: Week 14 Picks

By: S. Davis

I absolutely forgot today was Thursday (driving around California will do that) and that’s why this is being posted really late. Nothing but the picks, this week.

Week 14:

Dallas 20 @ Chicago 19: I strongly suggest that the Cowboys don’t fall asleep during this one. The Bears have enough on offense to help the ‘Boys begin their normal December troubles.

Pittsburgh 14 @ Cincinnati 18: The Steelers are a mess and I cannot figure out why they continue playing like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde from week-to-week (depending on the opponent). They’ve lost to the Jets, Buccaneers, Saints and Browns yet defeated the Colts and Ravens. Playing to the level of competition is an indictment on their consistency.

St. Louis 24 @ Washington 19: Rams.

NY Giants 20 @ Tennessee 9: I cannot believe that the Giants will close out the season losing the remainder of their slate. Maybe I’m wrong…

Carolina 13 @ New Orleans 24: The Panthers won’t have enough, offensively, to stay competitive…right?

NY Jets 13 @ Minnesota 27: Vikings. Can the rest of league please not look at Geno Smith as the worst player in the league? While I’m not a big supporter of him, Rex Ryan has covered him in a pall that may hurt the rest of his career. He is not as bad as he looks; blame the coaching for never putting together a coherent offensive foundation.

Mark Sanchez is playing well because he’s with Chip Kelly, yes, but Sanchez is a B or C-level starter in this league – yet was almost deemed “untouchable” because of the Jets experience his last two years there. When’s the last time they showcased a marquee offensive threat? Curtis Martin and Keyshawn Johnson are the last that I can recall.

Good luck to Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota next year – it’s highly probable that one of them will be wearing Jets green. Their agents better show them how Eli Manning and his team avoided the San Diego Chargers in 2004; that needs to be the prototype.

Baltimore 27 @ Miami 24: I’ll take the Ravens because, well, I trust their history over this last decade.

Indianapolis 31 @ Cleveland 10: It’s a very smart move to replace Brian Hoyer who has led the Browns to a 7-5 record for Johnny Football when they’re still alive for a playoff berth; what a way to stay relevant, Cleveland.

My bad, it seems Hoyer will start…for a half, at least. Ugh. Hoyer, play your butt off and get to another team once the season wraps.

Tampa Bay 12 @ Detroit 26: Lions?

Houston 23 @ Jacksonville 16: Texans.

Buffalo 13 @ Denver 23: Broncos.

Kansas City 24 @ Arizona 13: The sky is falling on the Cardinals – and they’re going to struggle to hold off the Seahawks for the division…and a playoff spot that seemed a lock two weeks ago.

Seattle 20 @ Philadelphia 17: I think the Seahawks will slow the Eagles down just enough to steal one on the road.

San Francisco 24 @ Oakland 7: Jim Harbaugh leads his current team against one he might be coaching next season.  

New England 34 @ San Diego 30: Patriots.

Atlanta 20 @ Green Bay 33: Packers. Randall Cobb is the complete version of the player Percy Harvin was projected to be. While Harvin is a dynamic player he has yet to develop into the route runner that Cobb is – and thus has a hard time being immersed into his teams’ packages.

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 129-63


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