NFL: Week 11 Picks

By: S. Davis

Look at the cool slate of games this week with Seattle (6-3) visiting Kansas City (6-3), Detroit (7-2) traveling to Arizona (8-1), Philadelphia (7-2) going to Green Bay (6-3) and New England (7-2) actually having to play somewhere other than Boston when they hitch a ride to Indianapolis (6-3).

Tonight’s Buffalo @ Miami game features two 5-4 teams fighting to stay alive in the Wild Card race. With the Chiefs, Bengals, Steelers and Ravens sitting in prime position, in front of the line, the winner this evening keeps a strong place in the queue. The loser should apply to be transferred to the NFC South.

Week 11 picks:

Buffalo 16 @ Miami 17: It’s going to be a tight one.

Minnesota 12 @ Chicago 24: They have to get one at home…right?

Houston 17 @ Cleveland 23: What is Ryan Mallett going to offer? You must beat teams on your schedule that you should…so I’m watching the Browns closely.

Seattle 21 @ Kansas City 20: I think the Chiefs can beat the Seahawks, don’t get me wrong, but I just have the feeling the champions will play like a desperate team and limit the home team in the passing game to focus on Jamaal Charles.

Atlanta 24 @ Carolina 17: A GREAT NFC South game…to change the channel from.

Cincinnati 17 @ New Orleans 22: I feel dirty for picking the Saints here but they are my Super Bowl pipe-dream.

Tampa Bay 17 @ Washington 20: I sincerely hope Marcus Mariota isn’t drafted by the Buccaneers or Jets.

Denver 24 @ St. Louis 17: Broncos.

San Francisco 20 @ NY Giants 16: I tried to pick the Giants, I really did.

Detroit 17 @ Arizona 23: I fluctuated on this pick for 10 minutes.

Oakland 13 @ San Diego 31: Chargers.

Philadelphia 31 @ Green Bay 38: Packers.

New England 24 @ Indianapolis 27: Colts.

Pittsburgh 20 @ Tennessee 19: Steelers.

Last Week: 10-3
Season: 101-46


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