NFL: Week 10 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

In the next week or so, I’m going to be able to put out a “Playoff March” column where I discuss how I feel about the contenders and everyone else. This week is going to be one where blood will be shed. The season is winding down but the fat has yet to separate from the oil and so the picture is still foggy.

Miami and Detroit need to prove their records are valid, and need to be taken seriously, while the San Francisco-New Orleans game could absolutely sink the 49ers’ chances of making the playoff round. (On the other side, the Saints seem ready to win the NFC South with a 7-9 record. This is really in play right now!)

Week 10 picks:

Cleveland 17 @ Cincinnati 30: I like the Browns but I cannot take them seriously, yet. If they can go on the road, against a division rival, and get a win I will give them a closer look.

Kansas City 24 @ Buffalo 23: Man, I’m rooting for the Bills to do well as I have some great memories there but the Chiefs are easier to trust right now.

Miami 21 @ Detroit 30: This could be a blowout, either way, or a tie, or a close one, or a field-goal contest, or…

Dallas 16 @ Jacksonville 15: Cheers, London. I apologize that we keep exporting bad matchups across the pond so when I visit again I will do my best to make it up to your lovely women. Ha!

For the extended success of the Cowboys, Tony Romo should be far away from Wembley but he will be in the stadium…because back fractures aren’t deemed serious.

San Francisco 16 @ New Orleans 21: Two, desperate, 4-4 teams that have disappointed up to this point in the season – and they both need to win. An argument can be made that the Saints can lose and still make the playoffs because their division smells so putrid.

Whereas the 49ers are in a division where they are solidly the third best team competing – and cannot afford a deeper fall if they plan on playing after the New Year’s festivities have begun.

Tennessee 17 @ Baltimore 27: Ravens.

Pittsburgh 33 @ NY Jets 5: Steelers.

Atlanta 20 @ Tampa Bay 9: In Week 3, the Falcons beat the Buccaneers 56-14 in Georgia and I tuned out after the first quarter. I have no idea where this game will go but I had no idea – at the time – that it would be the last win the Falcons would get (thus far).

Denver 24 @ Oakland 19: I see the Raiders playing as hard as they can to push the Broncos in this one.

St. Louis 17 @ Arizona 23: This smells like the “Damn we let that go!” game but the Cardinals have a real chance to set themselves apart – and get more of the media attention that’s been, begrudgingly, coming their way.

The Cowboys lost two weeks ago to Washington – in a game they should not have dropped by any measure. Beating the good teams is commendable but winning against the bad teams is just as important in a 16-game season.

NY Giants 24 @ Seattle 26: Weren’t the G-Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen luring the nation into thinking they were going to be good once more just few weeks ago? Seahawks, I guess.

Chicago 20 @ Green Bay 27: I want to pick the Bears but I’ll go with the home team…barely.

Carolina 17 @ Philadelphia 20:
Voice: Sanchez?
Sanchez: Yes, master?
Voice: Riiiiiiise.

Last Week: 10-3
Season: 91-43


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