NFL: Week 9 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

I’m going to take a second to mention how great Ben Roethlisberger continues to be. With all the talk surrounding Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers so many people forget about the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He only has two Super Bowl titles (with another appearance) on his ledger so can we show the guy some love?

Only Brady has more championships than Big Ben – and I still trust him to win me one game, on a neutral field, than I do any current signal-caller in the league. When mentioning the top quarterbacks, he has to be included with the aforementioned four and if he isn’t, your list needs to be edited.

Week 9 picks:

New Orleans 23 @ Carolina 17: If the Saints are going to build off last week’s victory over the Packers then they must get this win as well.

Tampa Bay 17 @ Cleveland 22: For some reason I feel this pick will bite me this week.

Arizona 19 @ Dallas 16: I think the Cowboys’ recent, annual, stumbles in the month of December…begin in October this year. If Tony Romo felt he was pressured last week, the Cardinals are even nastier – and I’m worried about his back.

Philadelphia 31 @ Houston 20: The Eagles will push the pace and I doubt the Texans will be able to keep up.

NY Jets 15 @ Kansas City 30: Chiefs.

Jacksonville 16 @ Cincinnati 24: Bengals, although a road upset would not shock me at all.

San Diego 30 @ Miami 20: Chargers?

Washington 13 @ Minnesota 23: Robert Griffin is scheduled to return but I like the Vikings.

St. Louis 21 @ San Francisco 27: The NFC West has to keep pace with the Cardinals, right?

Denver 28 @ New England 31: Since the Patriots always seem to host Peyton Manning-led teams, I will take the home squad by a late field-goal. I know scheduling formulas are put in place years before the games are actually written in but they couldn’t move this game to Colorado?

Oakland 18 @ Seattle 26: Seahawks.

Baltimore 24 @ Pittsburgh 28: This is screaming “LET DOWN!” after such an explosive outing but I like the Steelers at home in this AFC North showdown.

Indianapolis 23 @ NY Giants 24: I like the Giants to get back into the win column this week.

Last Week: 12-3
Season: 81-40


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