NFL: Week 8 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

With the NFC South playing like they’re in a garbage-bag battle royal this season those teams haven’t established themselves definitively as good, average, bad or badddd. Eventually the fat and oil will separate and then I can dutifully look at the NFC teams and the cream of the crop as the halfway point approaches (after next week when each team has played eight games).

In the AFC, the usual suspects of Denver, New England, Baltimore and Indianapolis are chugging along in their attempts to build wins on top of one another. I’m interested in seeing how the aforementioned teams look after this weekend.

Week 8 picks:

San Diego 22 @ Denver 27: The Chargers have historically been good versus Peyton Manning. Tonight, I’ll lean with the Broncos, defensively, to make two or three key plays that turn this game in the fourth quarter.

Detroit 24 @ Atlanta 21: I cannot read either of these teams so I’m flipping a coin for this, wait a moment….dirty penny says tails, which is the Lions.

St. Louis 17 @ Kansas City 30: Missouri is almost like the center of the sports world this week – well, if people are actually watching the World Series – and this contest should keep those vibes going.  

Houston 20 @ Tennessee 17: Only because the Titans are starting a rookie quarterback this week in Zach Mettenberger, I’ll take the Texans – although Ryan Fitzpatrick could do Ryan Fitzpatrick kinds of things…

Minnesota 14 @ Tampa Bay 23: Buccaneers…but I have no confidence in this pick.

Seattle 27 @ Carolina 24: I won’t kick the champs while they’re licking wounds so since they’re playing an NFC South team…they get a victory.

Baltimore 19 @ Cincinnati 20: If the Bengals don’t get this one, at home, the Ravens are going to be a real monster.

Miami 21 @ Jacksonville 17: Dolphins?

Chicago 20 @ New England 30: The Bears are 3-1 on the road and 0-3 at home, they go to 3-2 as a visitor after leaving Massachusetts.

Buffalo 23 @ NY Jets 18: It’s difficult for me to pick the Jets against anyone right now.

Philadelphia 24 @ Arizona 26: Cardinals.

Oakland 17 @ Cleveland 20: Tie!

Indianapolis 23 @ Pittsburgh 24: This might be the best game of the week – and I think it will be a fantastic finish.

Green Bay 38 @ New Orleans 30: Neither team is inspiring defensively but the Saints could lose this game and still be in contention in the putrid NFC South this season. (The Saints are destroying me as I picked them to win it all. Ugh!) Aaron Rodgers is seeing plays develop before the helpless defenders are – and that’s horrible for the hosts.

Washington 17 @ Dallas 33: Maybe the Cowboys are becoming a real force but they must put teams like Washington away, early, for the hype and reality to mesh seamlessly – at least before December comes around.

Last Week: 9-6
Season: 69-37


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