NFL: Week 7 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

Last week’s game featuring the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Houston Texans was the best one I think I’ve EVER seen. (That is not hyperbole!) Tonight’s game will not be that and I hope the Jets get relegated to NFL Europe. My bad, I’m a few years late on that.

Seriously though I just want to see if the Jets can score into the mid-to-high 20’s when they’ve averaged 16 points per game this season. For them to compete they will have to score…touchdowns.

Week 7 picks:

NY Jets 17 @ New England 27: The Jets will not be able to keep up, offensively.

Atlanta 20 @ Baltimore 24: I thought the Falcons would be better than 2-4 at this point in the season, I did. Looking at the Ravens, all year, I’ve been trying to pick them apart; maybe they’re a real contender.

Tennessee 17 @ Washington 23: That new-car smell is off Kirk Cousins at this point and it’s time to buy one of those pine-tree shaped car fresheners – I have coconut in my car – so that it’s safe to let ladies inside. (What the hell am I talking about?) If Washington is going to get another win this season…this HAS to be that game.

Seattle 31 @ St. Louis 17: The champions come out and take this game over early.

Cleveland 23 @ Jacksonville 17: The Browns are getting a lot of love this week and this game has “gag” all over it for Brian Hoyer’s bunch, but I like Hoyer (and I like the Jags to compete yet fall short).

Cincinnati 24 @ Indianapolis 30: I feel confident with Luck, almost anywhere, but definitely at home.

Minnesota 13 @ Buffalo 24: Bills.

Miami 20 @ Chicago 31: Bears? They’re winless at home (0-2) and good on the road (3-1). We’ll see…

New Orleans 24 @ Detroit 23: The Saints squeeze by.

Carolina 23 @ Green Bay 27: While I’m not sold, at all, on the Packers once the knockout games begin, they should be able to beat the Panthers.

Kansas City 24 @ San Diego 31: Chargers.

Arizona 27 @ Oakland 24: Cardinals.

NY Giants 23 @ Dallas 21: The Cowboys have to trip at some point, right?

San Francisco 21 @ Denver 27: Broncos.

Houston 20 @ Pittsburgh 23: Completely clueless on this game, seriously.

Last Week: 11-4
Season: 60-31


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