NFL: Week 5 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

I’ve been staying away from all sports media outlets – and all news not concerning Iraq and Syria – because I just want to see and enjoy the games as entertainment. I cannot say how cool it was to get away and have games last week, even though I slept the entire day away and caught a good portion of the Week 4 action online.

These Thursday games have all been blowouts – and I hate them. The average margin of victory has been 28 POINTS over the last four weeks! The league does care about player safety as well, didn’t you get the memo?

Week 5 picks:

Minnesota 13 @ Green Bay 38: The Packers are getting a great gift for tonight’s game because they get a mini-bye after picking up a win. I don’t think they’re good – at all – but since the Bears and Lions are both great at walking into minefields they’ll be viable in the division (and therefore the playoffs). If Teddy Bridgewater were playing I would really consider taking the road team.

Chicago 23 @ Carolina 17: It’s almost unfair that Cam Newton had his receiving core purged, yet, expectations are still high for him and the Panthers’ chances of competing. The Bears are unbeaten on the road and winless at home, sure.

Cleveland 20 @ Tennessee 22: There’s not a lot separating these teams; the Titans are hosting…

St. Louis 17 @ Philadelphia 27: The Eagles are ripe to be upended when you factor in the beating Nick Foles has taken the last two weeks but the Rams won’t be able to score enough here.

Atlanta 23 @ NY Giants 27: I could see the Giants losing, badly, but the Falcons seem to be playing lazily after stomping the Buccaneers two weeks ago – another Thursday gem.

Tampa Bay 20 @ New Orleans 24: I would be LYING if I said this game doesn’t make me a tad nervous. I have the Saints winning the whole damn thing, like confetti-shower-in-February type winning. Ugh!

Houston 18 @ Dallas 27: I’m going to be pissed once the Cowboys blow this one now that they’re having (too much) attention surrounding their games.

Buffalo 13 @ Detroit 33: See Jets breakdown below and substitute EJ Manuel where you see “Geno Smith” and Kyle Orton where you see “Michael Vick.”

Baltimore 24 @ Indianapolis 34: Colts.

Pittsburgh 23 @ Jacksonville 20: Steelers, I think.

Arizona 21 @ Denver 24: The Cardinals should be able to make it interesting in Colorado.

Kansas City 24 @ San Francisco 23: I understand why the 49ers went with Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith but I’ve always felt – and still feel – that Smith is a better quarterback. This game won’t change my opinion on that at all, either way…but I like the Chiefs this Sunday.

NY Jets 20 @ San Diego 31: If the goal is to be mediocre and still miss the playoffs then, by all means Rex Ryan, start Michael Vick. The Jets have to think long-term so continuing to develop Geno Smith makes the most sense here. Then again we are talking about the J-E-T-S.

Cincinnati 20 @ New England 26: Tom Brady is not washed up and neither is Bill Belichick, although a strong case can be made that the Patriots’ general manager has been terrible in surrounding his quarterback with talent. Terrible!

Seattle 27 @ Washington 16: I like Kirk Cousins…not against the champs though.


Last Week: 8-5
Season: 40-21


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