NFL: Week 3 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

The great news just keeps pouring out of the NFL these days! Every single morning there are more mind-numbing decisions – and violence – that is just turning sponsors away and enraging the female fan base. It’s hard to remember that the season is actually underway and really the games do NOT matter in the grand scheme of things – they just don’t.

I cannot remember a time when the distasteful stories emanating from the league were out on a conveyor belt, constantly refreshing when the last one is still current. What is going on?

Football is my favorite sport but maybe those pompous jerks in the league office need to realize that protecting the shield is a rancid mantra, especially now, and they need to be brought down a few pegs. No one can reign at the top forever; baseball was eventually supplanted by the NFL and there is no reason why the NBA couldn’t, eventually, rise to the top sport in America. (Baseball will not reclaim the top spot as they are tone-deaf to changing times, youth, the digital age and games are TOO long.)

Like us all, I have very important women in my life – and the domestic incidents are making writing about the game trite and pointless. I’m not sure how much time I’m even going to devote to the NFL this year but it will be less than usual. The narrative outside of the game is too loud to ignore.

Week 3 picks:

Tampa Bay 13 @ Atlanta 27: I have no idea why the Buccaneers are having trouble scoring – and they will need to do so to have any chance tonight.

San Diego 20 @ Buffalo 19: I guess this is the week the Bills get doused with some cold water.

Dallas 20 @ St. Louis 13: Tony Romo’s movement in the pocket is compromised so they better hope the rushing attack they had last week – DeMarco Murray totaled 167 yards on 29 carries (averaging 5.8 yards per carry) and adding a touchdown – travels with them. It’s going to be a tight one.

Washington 23 @ Philadelphia 30: I like the Eagles to play hard from the opening kickoff. Kirk Cousins is going to play adequately, further distorting the future of Robert Griffin in Landover.

Houston 13 @ NY Giants 23: Is this the week that Ryan Fitzpatrick reverts back to his usual self? It’s coming.

Minnesota 13 @ New Orleans 24: Without the threat of Adrian Peterson, the Saints better capitalize.

Tennessee 21 @ Cincinnati 24: The Bengals have made themselves (kind of) a terror at home and since I went against them last week, I’ll be wiser this time around.

Baltimore 20 @ Cleveland 17: There is something about the Ravens that I don’t believe in but I like them better than the Browns, this week.

Green Bay 34 @ Detroit 38: I do not care for either team’s defense in this one so I’m skewing high on points.

Indianapolis 24 @ Jacksonville 23: Colts?

Oakland 10 @ New England 31: Patriots!

San Francisco 17 @ Arizona 20: I would feel much more confident if Carson Palmer were available for this one.

Denver 20 @ Seattle 34: Can the story of this game please stop being referred to as a “Super Bowl rematch?” Unless the winner walks off the field with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in hand – and is declared champion this is just a game that happens to feature the teams in last season’s biggest game.

In light of that rout, I don’t see the Broncos being able to win this one…in Seattle. I don’t think I’d pick the Broncos if this game was in Colorado either.

Kansas City 21 @ Miami 16: The Chiefs are already trying to fight through season-ending injuries but the Dolphins are not consistent, offensively, which begins with Ryan Tannehill.

Pittsburgh 26 @ Carolina 24: This was the toughest pick to make because I don’t know the identity of either team. While proving capable, the Panthers receivers are still getting acquainted in the offense. On the other side, the Steelers have yet to show they are capable of holding a team to less than 26 points thus far in the season.

Chicago 27 @ NY Jets 17: I know last week’s game in Santa Clara counts only as a single win but Jay Cutler looked like he actually cared – and I was quietly rooting for him to make plays. Brandon Marshall is a great – yet underrated – receiver.

Last Week: 6-10
Season: 16-16


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