By: S. Davis

Will not dissipate
Will not “move on”
Refuses to seek another
Yearns for the one who lit the flame

Burning stronger and brighter
For Her…over any woman ever
Is debilitating as she is gone
Not from Earth but from my life

I cannot win her back
As she does not want to return
Immense suffering…
As it won’t allow me to heal

Interrupts my sleep
Shakes me from my dreams
Forces me to relive my grandest error
We ripped apart at all the seams

Fitting, that in the sorrow, I must drown
Maybe I never deserved you
The Ending, clearly proved

My heart will not quit you
I’ve dated, I’ve moved
Ideal of a soul mate
Unrealistic to me

Yet what I saw in you
In you
A clear future
Barren, dust

What am I to do
Do with this love?


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