Where Are We Going?

By: S. Davis

Nothing gets done
Blatantly dismissive of the rank of President

This President

Destructively serving as an obstacle for any progress
Democrats outnumbered
Bewildered at every step
You are Left
You are Right

Not anyone meeting in the Center
You know, attempting to run this country

The World Cup shows how inclusive and glorious America
And the world can truly be
Everyone deserves a seat at the table
A chance to lead our nation

If you’re not Native-American
We are all, honestly, second citizens in terms of settling these shores
This was their land before Europeans
Before the slave ships
Before countless others fled religious and social persecution
Has the expansion of this country been fair to them?

What of our women?
Do they not replenish the planet with sons to be sent to war?
For one warlord, czar, prime minister, president or another to manipulate like chess pieces
Who is the woman who will be titled Madame President?

Is it an obvious choice or someone yet to arrive on the scene?
Men have brought the world and America close to ruin one time too many
Women have run this country anyway
It’s time they set up in the Oval Office

Think the boys club is upset with having an African-American in power?
Wait until a woman makes her presence felt

The cesspool that can be comments sections on the web believe racism is over
Didn’t exist or
Believe since a man of color has taken office in D.C., minorities at-large should sit quietly

“Things are even now, look at who the country elected.”
I’m a progressive thinker but it’s still obvious that our country is overwhelmingly uncomfortable with the family in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
And disgusted by the gridlock permeating our stagnant government

Change did occur
You might have missed it

The initial euphoria abated,
Republicans currently wait for things to return to the Same

Tea Party:
“We’re taking our country back!”
Witness their rallies
Listen to their rhetoric
Reading between the lines
Needless, for the aforementioned proclamation to land

Have a thirst to gain enormous riches, commit crimes, see yourself unscathed and gain more wealth?
Head to Wall Street
They’re always hiring

Higher education, the greatest equalizer of all
Affording it has turned the country into two groups
Those who can pay to learn and those who watch the divide deepen
How can we elevate and innovate when only a precious few matriculate?

Best wishes
When did complete debt become part of the collegiate experience?

Imbued with a ferocity to defy
To fight the president at every turn
Yet they don’t see the harm
They’re waiting for 2016

The Washington political machine is being programmed to make sure a future, tanned, Commander-in-Chief is an anomaly
It’s 2014 and Republicans pout in their sandbox refusing to work with a figure they didn’t choose
Sitting on their hands refusing to honor the rank of the presidency
Which should never wane regardless of who holds office

Some Republicans venture close to the Center
Once they do, however
They wrangle the “ol’ boys” club and have their political futures suddenly looking less than ideal

Party allegiances overrule reason and critical legislation
Domestic and foreign
Impeachment threats towards Obama when he acts
Critical when he doesn’t
Often on the same issue

Have all politicians lost sight that we are all Americans?
Did I miss something
Where are we going”
Being a world power isn’t a right

Must we lose our position, globally, to cherish what we have

Roman Empire, Qing Dynasty, Egyptian Empire, Mongol Empire, Ottoman Empire and countless others…
Common thread throughout time?
History depicts their impossible fall
Are we immune?

Are we not human as they were?
Can not the same be written of us?

This country has so much promise
Yet institutional racism, political posturing, fiscal irresponsibility and other ills keep us segregated

Dr. King, Robert Kennedy and so many others were killed in the name of equality and progress

Of fairness
Of opportunity for all

Where Are We Going?

Filled with pride I am when hearing “The Star Spangled Banner”
Should I feel differently?

Where Are We Going?


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