NBA Finals: Game 2

By: Shawn Davis

Hey you conspiracy theorists, lunatics, media, and well…FANatics, LeBron James didn’t quit the other night because of cramps. Are we still in the moment of time that the public has to pile on the guy…for eveything? I guess the hate emanating from his arrival in Florida never really dissolved; it lay dormant for a while since he piled two championships on the back of The Decision.

“Michael Jordan would have played through cramps.” – Too many fans.

“Larry Bird would have stayed in the game.” – Other fans.

“Kobe Bryant would have died before being taken out!” – More fans.

You get where I’m going. Jordan wouldn’t have been able to play through cramps; Bird would have left the game and Bryant wouldn’t have died on the court as that would be bad for ratings, I think. Hell, the Tyrannosaurus rex from Jurassic Park wouldn’t have been able to hunt with a leg cramp like James had after his layup versus Boris Diaw. (You fanatics forget that he did, indeed, check back into the game which led to the aforementioned play, right?) The body dictates when it’s had enough and that’s why he locked up completely after landing on his feet.

I’m no physician but I know that a cramp is akin to your muscles basically having a seizure and then becoming paralyzed. Also he’s suffered from the same malady in the past…when it wasn’t close to 100 degrees on the playing court. No amount of hydration was going to help someone that’s genetically predisposed to his condition. He wouldn’t have been able to prevent it just like someone genetically inclined to suffer from migraines – this writer here – cannot do anything before one renders them a heap of skin and bones.

The next time any one of you wake up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp and find your limb useless, rise out of bed, stand on your feet, go grab your basketball and call your friends to play a recreational game. Let me know how unstoppable how are in that much pain. Your body decides when it’s had enough.

Do you really think he wanted out of a game that was pretty even? You could make the argument that the Heat was where they wanted to be, being down by two points (94-92), on the road with 4:09 left in regulation. Why would he walk off and watch his teammates play without him unless his body said “NO!”?

Simple, he wouldn’t.

I’m not defending him because I picked the Heat to win the series (I’d prefer to see the Spurs win the rematch); it’s honestly because it’s so boring that people are STILL on his back. Give it a rest already! He left for a better opportunity and show me a human being that wouldn’t. How he did it was abhorrently repugnant but sometimes we don’t always do the rational thing. At least he raised money for charity and if any good came from that circus…that was it.

Secondly, do you think the San Antonio Spurs would purposely want the air conditioning to shut off…considering the mileage (and age on the bodies) of their top players: Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker? Use your heads, do not be sheep.

Regretfully, the ACTUAL game got overlooked in all the noise and what a game of basketball it was. At times sloppy – the Spurs passing – and exhilarating – Ray Allen reaching back to his Milwaukee Bucks and Seattle Supersonics days with a fearless air assault on the rim – I was happy I made it home in time to watch it all unfold.

Am I allowed to talk about Game 2 now without throwing a knife at James? Ugh.

One interesting thing to watch for will be James’ aggressiveness from the opening tip until the beginning of the second quarter. This could be a 35-12-8 line from him and a Miami Heat win. Ever since the current version of the Heat has been comprised, they have never lost the opening two games of ANY playoff series. Be on the lookout for that.

With Allen supplying 16 points I fully expect him to be in double-figures for the remainder of the series but who else will help the Heat offensively? While the Heat can play a few different ways – and love to run as much as anyone – I doubt that they want the game scores being decided in the triple digits consistently.


The depth on the Heat bench is centered on the defensive end, meaning if they have to score 100-plus to get wins in this series, who, outside of Allen, will provide the scoring they need? Look there as well. This is a sector that the Spurs can completely dominate because they are able to bring offense, passing and defense off the bench. Sheer depth is the main reason many are picking them to win the title but role players like Danny Green aren’t the same when they take the floor in road arenas.

We just have to see what happens. Game 2 is going to be another must-see event, I’m sure. This series is a coin toss! Enjoy.

Can we make sure the temperature is controlled this evening? Please. I want to provide analysis and commentary on basketball…not cramps, migraines, or the heart of a player who has averaged 39.5 minutes per game over the course of his career.


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