By: S. Davis

Unfortunate decisions accompany relationships,
Merely entering one can, at times, prove that truth
Lie there, mistake here
At some point in time we are all victims to circumstance

Yet conditions cannot be a crutch, an excuse to hurt
I’ve caused and received my share of pain in this life
Completely aware of my error I was
An indiscretion seeped in hubris for which I continue to question

A caring heart is most vulnerable
Wounds heal but alter the person in ways blind to the naked eye
Apologies do not always grant forgiveness
Or worse, expunge a repulsive memory

Tread lightly in heartfelt matters
For there exists a point of no return you may not perceive
It exists, it is there
When I was self-destructive I crossed it with a past love

I won’t ever be able to correct the transgression,
Years back
Having experienced one myself,
I continue to understand that one error can be too many


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