NFL: Week 14 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

HOU 24 @ JAC 16: This is on tonight…and I won’t be watching. These games need to stop. I cannot believe how the bottom has fallen out from under the feet of the Texans. I’m almost certain there’s going to be a head coach and quarterback change but I feel that blowing it up isn’t exactly the way to go about getting back into the fold of the AFC elite. Remember, they were a popular pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this preseason and I think this is just an off-year.

IND 20 @ CIN 27: If the Bengals are going to quiet some of their doubters they have to win this game.

ATL 17@ GB 21: I’ll take the Packers if they clear Aaron Rodgers, if not, flip the scores.

CLE 13 @ NE 31: I like the Patriots, just a little.

OAK 24 @ NYJ 13: The Raiders can actually do some things on offense.

DET 28 @ PHI 24: I like Nick Foles but I don’t really have an idea of who the Eagles are as a complete team. Aside from that…Megatron.

MIA 20 @ PITT 33: Ryan Tannehill is often compared to Big Ben because of his physical stature and in this one he gets to watch one of the all-time greats at work.

BUF 17 @ TB 20: I actually like the Bills but…wait I’m changing this pick. I’m going with the Buffalo (sometimes Toronto) Bills by a touchdown.

KC 23 @ WSH 17: Although I’m tempted to go with the home team, the Chiefs have to get back into the win column.

MINN 13 @ BAL 27: Ravens.

TENN 27 @ DEN 34: The Titans stay in the game because the Defense That Keeps Drives Alive retains their status quo.

STL 20 @ ARI 21: The Cardinals bounce back from a tough loss to survive a division fight against the Rams.

NYG 24 @ SD 23: I like Eli Manning against the Chargers secondary.

SEA 24 @ SF 28: The 49ers are going to be desperate to make sure they let the Seahawks know that they are still formidable.

CAR 20 @ NO 34: Welcome to the dome, Panthers.

DAL 24 @ CHI 16: Tony Romo’s December swoon has been well documented but there are so many factors that go into wins and losses so I don’t put it solely on his shoulders. This is a team sport and most critics seem to ignore that. I’m going with the Cowboys.

Last week: 10-6
Season: 10-6


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