NFL: Week 13 Picks

By: Shawn Davis

I went 2-1 on the Thanksgiving slate of games. What? A Week 13 column of game picks? Yeah I know I’m really late this season posting one of these but I couldn’t resist the urge. Detroit and Dallas took care of business for me but Pittsburgh fell just short against Baltimore. It happens. Here’s the slate:

JAX 12 @ CLE 20: The Jaguars are feeling good about themselves after winning two of their last three games and they’ve earned that right. I just see the Browns being able to do more on offense.

TEN 23 @ IND 24: If I were certain the Colts would compete for four full quarters I would pick them by seven to ten points. My gut is telling me to go with the Titans but that could be the Cornish hen that I’m digesting.

CHI 20 @ MIN 13: Bears.

MIA 16 @ NYJ 10: Dolphins.

ARI 21 @ PHI 17: The Cardinals defense slows the Eagles attack just enough to escape with a win.

TB 17 @ CAR 34: So now the sports media at-large has developed a crush on Mike Glennon. Let’s see how long that lasts because there was a point when they lavished the same type of sentiment on the last quarterback of the Buccaneers. (He’s now a Viking.)

NE 38 @ HOU 21: The Patriots continue their march into the postseason…and into my nightmares. Additionally, the front-office of the Texans will be watching film of Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota, AJ McCarron and Johnny Manziel.

ATL 17 @ BUF 23: Toronto!

STL 17 @ SF 30: With Michael Crabtree set to be activated; I like how the 49ers will have a few weeks to iron out their issues on both sides of the ball as the playoffs begin.

DEN 27 @ KC 21: Do you think the Broncos have recovered from the massive gag they experienced in Foxboro? I hope not. They need to experience more grief and the Chiefs will provide some. Trust me, Denver fans, you want your team to be on the road once the playoffs begin. (That might get Peyton Manning a return trip to Indianapolis for a playoff game. Believe me, he would love that.)

CIN 17 @ SD 27: In a game where I think the Bengals are the better team, Phillip Rivers puts more doubt in the minds of those wondering who exactly the Bengals are.

NYG 27 @ WSH 20: Is there a more strained, weird, and confusing relationship than the one that exists between Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan? The G-men are gearing up so get on the wagon now.

NO 24 @ SEA 30: The hardest game for me to pick this week! The Saints have been playing great lately but the Seahawks have won their last six in a row. I’m guessing that the home field will sway the game in favor of the hawks. Maybe…

Thanksgiving: 2-1
Season: 2-1


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