Boy Arrived

By: S. Davis

What are you doing here? My god you are insane!
But i cannot help smiling and my heart continues to flutter at the thought of you on that plane
Why did you let me leave? I would have been glad to stay another day.
You cracked a half-smile when we parted and the silence almost tore me in two as i walked away

A few nights earlier you held me so tightly when we danced
Yet you were so delicate and gentle as you stroked my skin with your hands
And you talked to me, you listened intently
Unlike all the other guys that just wanted to get me undressed, at that point you had my heartstrings, you had me, i was deeply impressed

Why didn’t i kiss you? Why didn’t you kiss me? Boy, my heart would have skipped a beat
What you’re feeling just isn’t inside you, it’s giving me goosebumps and bubbling over passionately
I need to meet the woman who let you go. I need to thank her
This is our future, beginning at this very moment, no regard for what you two were

How could i overlook you now? I’ve longed to be made a priority and you wearily boarded a flight in haste to be, here, with me
Not just your finger, wrapped around your hand i am, undeniably
Overwhelmed by the subtlety of your voice, the passion fueling your heart…the magnetism of your charm
But this is even better as you are here and i gain warmth within your arms

Here is that kiss that we both missed…

Part one is here.


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