Girl Gone

By: S. Davis

Now she’s gone, i’m pacing, overanxious and impatient
Never been here before so in my head i’m debatin’
Whether to book another flight or drown my sorrows all night
Tequila shots, vodka, beer, ladies in dresses that are barely there

I’m as vacant as a canyon, you see, she’s no longer here
I’ll hit the nightspot, get a new pretty miss alone, and hit her spot…til my watch stops
It’s all pointless because the one i want to hold is over a body of water and on her way home
So i sit and complain and moan over what might have already been

And i’m sure she has no idea of the state she left me in
I had to be brave, aware of my pride, while ignoring the chaos inside
As she flashed that luminous smile after our embrace the finale time
She’s living in my head and her beauty invades my dreams.

Did all this really happen, is this reality?
At a true loss for words which never happens to me
I’ve got to be near her again, come hell and high water
I open the laptop, finally, and make that flight order


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