So it is…

By: S. Davis

Repairing a broken heart when it just won’t heal

How to achieve this escapes me

No clue to remedy what’s ailing

And time – because i’m living it – is not making this…any…easier


Dreams are haunted

They’re so vivid that once I was scared from my sleep because I thought she whispered in my ear

That real

In a cold sweat I was and I don’t overheat during the night


Relationships dissolve and love is conditional, no matter what you allow yourself to believe

Getting past this one seems…I can’t explain

All i know is that ample time has passed and I haven’t achieved the next step

Heart in suspended form and it yearns


Is this self-induced? It cannot be because I’ve taken the usual steps to move on

Traveling, dating, having an active social life and it hasn’t made a dent

Some higher level of consciousness is at work here, I’m a firm believer or maybe it’s placed on me, divinely


Maybe this is punishment being handed down and I just have to endure

There’s always a lesson, right?


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