Miles to Make

By: S. Davis

Precipitation fell from the sky

Continuously, unapologetically

My focus, unwavering

Continuing, wet


A choice was made

Cognizant of the consequences

Decision rendered in your mind

On you went


Tears of yours don’t matter

Disrespectful of a day so delicate

An attempt to justify your position akin to adolescent chatter



Your tears and cries

I appreciate the lie

A waste of time

Character revealed


I included you in something dear

Heartfelt, unfiltered

You made it about yourself

Therefore I decided this ends


Selfish, petulant, immature

You can say you love me

I know I don’t

I didn’t and now I won’t


There is the door

Here’s my foot to help, you are replaced

You were a rest stop along the journey to my destination

I have many miles to make



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